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Alexandr Maksym Ivanov is a character role-played by c0ffi124.


Alex is a Russian criminal.

His face got frostbit when he was fighting ice bears in Siberia.

Alexandr's vehicles

Name Description Plate Status
RS6 Bought 2nd hand, fully tuned 0 strikes RUSSIA SOLD(600k)
Zentorno Vin scratch, waiting to be used
Penumbra Turbo Vin cratched, gifted to Sergio Lopez IMPOUNDED
Jugular Vin scratch, gifted to Wilmer Guzman IMPOUNDED
Corvette C7 Bought 2nd hand for 1M. Sold for 1.2M. COP1UM SOLD(1.2M)
8F Drafter Bought from Victor Fittipaldi for 500k. Sold to Bruno LeMons for 650k. SOLD (650k)
Feltzer Bought from PDM for 300k SOLD (250k)
Rhapsody SOLD (20k)
Flatbed Has done many tows and still in good condition. V75EYF12
BMX 2G50U446
Burrito Bought from PDM. Good for holding pillows. EU17C7X1