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Alexander Fawkes is a character role-played by Fairlight_Excalibur.

General Description

Alexander Fawkes was an Officer for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #432. He was fired for continuous inactivity.

Physical Description

Fawkes is a 35-year-old caucasian male with black hair and blue highlights.

After transferring to LSPD, Alexander dyed his hair blue by the order of Chief of Police Bobby Smith to avoid mistaking him for other cadets and fellow officer T.J. Mack. He is waiting to see again the CoP and ask him to dye his hair back, although he said that at this point the blue has grown on him.


Fawkes is an apathetic person and he isn't necessarily interested in relationships, due to the fact that he is an extremely career-driven person. (Although there have been numerous moments where it's shown the nice side of Fawkes, especially with Bree Matthews and collaborative suspects.) He is also slowly building respect from known felons, due to the consistency of his arrests and fairness of the charges. Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana has also said to him: "You're the First Officer to do your job, and I respect it" in regards to a shooting that just happened in the tunnels.

Background Information

Fawkes formerly served 4 years in the Los Angeles Police Department. At that time, he was a blood and forensics specialist. He has stated that he may have been in trouble when he was younger, though he didn't specify exactly what did he do. It remains unknown both the family and the place of birth.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired by the Chief of Police Bobby Smith - Badge #532. March 23rd, 2020
Solo Cadet
Cleared for Solo Patrol by Sergeant Clarence Williams - Badge #632. March 26th, 2020
Promoted after being recommended for it by Trooper Jackie Snow - Badge #432. April 3rd, 2020
Talked to Trooper Jackie Snow about possibly joining the Joint Task Force. April 10th, 2020
Fired for Inactivity September 26th, 2020


  • "Gotcha"
  • "Throw the book at em"


  • Some have compared Fawkes to deceased officer Maverick Shaw. At times, Fawkes mimics Shaw's accent to mess with people. After reading the LSPD database, Fawkes has little respect for the late officer and his noted friendships with criminals.
  • One of Alex's few weaknesses is churros and watermelon slushies, which Bree Matthews frequently gifts him.
  • The name "Reaper" comes from the number of Suspects he has killed in the line of duty: For the time being, Fawkes has killed 4 people in total. He also said during an encounter with Bree Matthews: "To be clear, I don't enjoy killing people: I just don't necessarily regret it a ton either."
  • Has recorded one of the few successful boat pits while sailing marine one.[1]
  • Was a competitive swimmer.
  • Shot off Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana's left pinky in a shootout outside MRPD.
  • Can speak the miranda rights fluently in spanish.



Played By: Fairlight_Excalibur
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