Alexander Blake is a character role-played by Lastbrokenoath.

General Description

Alexander Blake is a Doctor at Pillbox Medical Center. 28 year old man, with back issues and lack of empathy. He currently practices general medicine. Enjoys muscles cars and scared of anything with two wheels.


Alexander Blake was born in Liberty City. He lived on the outskirts of the city in the suburbs. He was a very curious child growing up. He enjoyed examining aspects of different things, including thins like reptiles. He did grow up with full black hair, but had a favoring to highlights. Alexander growing up in suburbs made him humble. Lived a comfortable life he likes to call it, not a rich kid what's so ever.

When he hit 10 years old for having good grades, his parents bought him a bmx bike. He would stay out all day and night with this bike and made many friends from it. Alexander and friends would ride on a long stretch of road at night. During the day it was dangerous to ride due to relied more on listening for cars than seeing them. At least night can see car's coming due to headlights. One night in the fall of 2002, Alexander decided to take one of those rides with friends down that road. A drink driver in a blacked out SUV was speeding and swerving down the road. They all saw the headlights and moved to the opposite lane to avoid it. The man drove the car into the lane they switched to, Alexander was in the back of the group since he had the best situational awareness to watch for cars coming behind. The SUV hit him head one. Bike destroyed, Alexander went flying into the riverbed next to the road. The driver of the SUV crashed into the guard-rail, getting minor injuries.

When EMS responded to the scene Alexander wasn't breathing, had both legs with major compound fractures breaking tissue and flesh, suffering from massive blood loss. He was intubated at the scene and taken to hospital. Alexander's eyes opened and all he saw was him being wheeled into an operating room. He was very confused and couldn't speak. Had no feeling in his legs, even the painkillers doctors gave him were not helping.

After surgery, Alexander was told that would he would be paralyzed for many years.

List of Injuries

  • Compound fractures in both legs
  • Compound fractures in lumbar area of spine in multiple places
  • Compound fractures in thoracic region of spine
  • Compound fractures in both feet and ankles
  • Concussion
  • Partial nerve damage to spine and legs

Life After Incident

Alexander being in such an state, he became depressed and jaded. He embodied the "victim of circumstance" persona. since he was wheelchair bound at first, he never went outside no more and experienced the rest of his childhood like everyone else. His parents had to spend his college fund on the medical bills due to the settlement they received from the driver was not enough. Alexander though sad and resentful towards the world, still had the will to live.

He had to undergo surgery after surgery to get feeling back in his body. He was also referred for physical therapy. His first visit was at the same hospital he was treated. He noticed the staff was more resentful and uncommunicative than he was. He would spend his days after school with seniors and paraplegics undergoing physical therapy to help getting a better quailty of life. Alexander would really befriend the other patients. Over time he built up enough strength which took him many years to get out of the wheelchair. He would still have to use it time to time to get around.

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