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Alex "Lil Cap" Söderberg is a character role-played by  JayAitch.


Alex Söderberg better known by his alias Lil Cap, is a rapper and resident of Los Santos.

He is the Founder of Downbad Records, which he previously co-owned with Richard Chiclets after they both left their prior positions as musicians with Wu Chang Records.


Alex primarily operates as a getaway driver during heists.

Heist Type Total Success Failed Success Rate
24/7 42 41 1 97%
Fleeca 25 22 3 88%
Paleto 3 2 1 67%
Vault 1 0 1 0%
Gruppe Sechs Armoured Truck 3 3 0 100%
Vangelico Jewelry Store 5 1 4 20%
Total 78 68 10 87%


Lil Cap's music is available on Soundcloud and Spotify.


Currently, Lil Cap operates under MDM Records, which he signed under to be under the same label as Dwayne Flores alongside a 20k signing bonus.

Previously, he worked within Downbad Records after leaving another prior label, Wu Chang Records. He left Downbad due to a lack of communication and inability to reach out on his own end as he does not have a ticket that allowed him to do so.