Aleksandr Kalashnikov is a character role-played by Burn.


Kalashnikov is using Senior Deputy Lauren Forcer to help him get the codes by telling her he's going to give back Brav O'Six. Someone he had initially kidnaped and tortured to get him to get the codes.

On January 24th, 2021 the two, along with ridealong Jeffrey Bundy, set out on a mission to get the codes from Russel Harvey. A man who has classified documents from the Pentagon. Along the way the three run into guards. Seducing, sedating, and interrogating guards they stumble upon across the ship at the Russian docks.

In the end they get to Harvey and after a talk in which Harvey gets tazed and confused, Kalashnikov ends up with the briefcase that has the documents. He turned on Forcer and Bundy by knocking them out and running off with the briefcase but not after telling them what he has planned.


  • He tortured Brav O'Six. Removing some of his fingernails.
  • Uses very strong vodka to knock out people.


Played By: Burn
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