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Aleksander Sazkaljovich is a character is role-played by Moboking.

General Description

Aleksander Sazkaljovich is a former member of the Angels and The Russian Mafia- he is now considered a part of Flippy's Crew.

He was born with blond hair but likes to dye it white and generally wears clothing of the brand "bigness". He has a Russian accent but after many years in Los Santos, you can only hear slight traces of it. Aleks is known to be a bit of a flirt. He is also said to be a "rat" and considered to have very little loyalty.

Background Information

Growing up as the younger brother of Vladimir Bogorov, Aleksander Bogorov was introduced to The Russian Mafia after reconnecting with his older brother. He was recommended to Boris Ivanov to join the crew, and began to prospect for them shortly afterwards. However, this did not last long- He was blooded out of The Russian Mafia after refusing to go after Olga Sazkaljovich and Flippy's Crew under Boris's orders. Due to his loyalty to Olga, she adopted him into the "Sazkaljovich" family meaning that his last name was changed to Sazkaljovich.

Studied abroad with Randy Bullet and has a 4.0 GPA

The Angels

Angels Initiation

Angels Initiation

Aleks Bogorov was not happy with how The Russians were conducting operations without Olga. After Olga resigned herself from the mafia Boris gave an order to hunt her down, but Aleks did not have the courage to hunt one of his closest friend, Olga. Olga found home with her boyfriend Juan "Flippy" Hernandez and his crew. Boris found out Aleks would not participate in the war against Flippy's crew and hunt for Olga, so he ordered for Aleks head cut off.

Aleks spent multiple days in the ICU and now has a cut mark around his neck and mouth. He covers his scar with a Bigness mask. After many word of support from Olga he asked her what she thought about him joining the Angels. She thought it was a great fit. Aleks was very familiar with Claire from when he would do jobs with Flippy and Olga. Through Claire he met Alex Campbell and they became "Double A". They would hang out with each other driving around Los Santos.

On November 14th 2020, Aleks officially became a full member of the Angels. They did their traditional ceremony of kidnapping an officer and taking something from them. Aleks came up with a plan and showed it to Claire, Violet and Alex. The plan was Walking Dead themed and the officer chosen was Kevin.Claire waited in a helicopter while Aleks, Alex and Violet went to go find Kevin. After looking for him they found and kidnapped him in front of integrity. They brought him to the helicopter which brought him to Paleto to sign off duty. Then got in a car that brought him to a trailer in Sandy Shores. They shaved Kevin’s head and threw scissors at Kevin until one hit his eyeball. They stole multiple things from Kevin including his weapons, ID and IFAKS and a piece of lasagna. The Angels had gotten away successfully and Aleks became a full angel. He even got his wings tattooed on. Kevin ended up being put into the ICU.

After coming back to the city from Russia, he is now known as Aleksander Sazkaljovich after changing his last name to the name of his adopted sister, Olga Sazkaljovich.

Leaving The Angels

== Leaving the Angels ==

On September 30th, 2021 Aleks decided that he would leave the Angels. The reason given to Claire was that Aleks no longer felt included in the gang and didn't feel like one of them. However, Aleks told Lexi that he feels like he cannot progress as a criminal as a member of the Angels. As of right now, it is unclear what Aleks' plans are


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Played By: Moboking
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