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Alberto Weaselton is a character role-played by FerretRP.

General Description

Alberto Weaselton, better known as Al, is the Chaplain of the Lost MC.

He is also the owner and commander of C.L.I.T. (Cleaning, Laundry, Industrial, Tile), a cleaning services provider.

The Lost MC

As a hang-around, Al was tasked with serving as Reed Dankleaf's man-servant, cleaning out the MC Clubhouse.

He became a prospect with the club in October 2019, and was fully patched in November 2019. Later, he was promoted to Chaplain in December 2019, and has served as such until he left the city for some months. Al returned to the city in September 2020, still a Patched Member. On January 21st, 2021, he accepted back the role of Chaplain.


"Cleaning, Laundry, Industrial, Tile,
Rubbing out the competition by a mile!
Whenever C.L.I.T. finishes you'll always smile!
Don't forget to call us every once in a while!"

— Jingle.

C.L.I.T. (Cleaning, Laundry, Industrial, Tile) is ready to rub out all the problems of Los Santos by making it a cleaner place. This business is a mobile cleaning service that can go around and clean houses, businesses, and public areas to make Los Santos a cleaner and better place.
(Source: Business proposal description.)


  • His primary personal vehicle is a Gargoyle motorcycle.