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Alabaster Slim is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[]

Alabaster Slim is a violent felon and a pimp.

Physical Description[]

Alabaster Slim is a 48-year-old male with black hair, brown eyes, and a pencil mustache. He can mainly be seen with his hair either permed into jheri curls, or straightened out and let down to just past his shoulders. Occasionally he will style his hair into a very noticeable front-facing pompadour.

Slim has a variety of extravagant outfits that he likes to wear, he also wears an earring in his left earlobe, and can always be seen sporting highly durable makeup which is most noticeable by his smoky black eye liner and eye shadow. He can often be seen accessorizing with either a large gold diamond necklace or a fedora.

Slim has several tattoos on his body, on the left side of his chest he has a coloured tattoo of a hooded skull atop an hourglass in front off two sheathed blades, framed by two clusters of grapes on the bottom and flames in the background. On his left arm he has a trash polka tattoo picturing two fighter planes with skulls and smoke in the background, and on his right hand he has a black and white tattoo of a grenade.


Alabaster Slim is a hot-headed, aggressive man who resorts to violence over civil conversation in most cases. Rather than gaining respect through charm or charisma, he uses power and violence to control those below him and earn respect from those around him.



Molly Minaj 

Slim first met Molly Minaj on February 6th, 2021, when she introduced herself as a dancer for the Vanilla Unicorn, due to her line of work, Slim offered to be a sort of protector for her and take care of her, as long as she agreed to work for him. Molly happily agreed and named Slim as her new "Daddy".

Slim eventually extended an offer for Molly to become one of the girls within his private network, the intent being that she'd relay any information she could gather back to him in exchange for money or services, and Molly agreed.

Molly stated that she'd do anything Slim tells her to do, and seems extremely loyal, protective, and possessive over him, as she has seemingly no issue to harm, threatened, steal, or lie to other people as long as it is in the best interest of Slim.

Karina Dawn 

Slim first met Karina Dawn on February 7th, 2021, Slim informed her that he was looking for legal gun owners to buy and redistribute guns for, and Karina stated that she would be looking into getting a gun license within a day, however their interaction was only brief and they forgot to get eachother's contact information.

Their formal introduction came a few days later, Karina explained to Slim that she was in the business of gathering information, mostly hanging around in the background and listening in on conversation, this made Karina very useful to Slim. Slim extended the offer to work together with Karina for an equal fifty-fifty business deal on the money he could make using her information, Karina agreed to the deal and sent him a text with her number.

Since then Slim and Karina have worked closely together on several occasion, Slim acts as a form of protection for Karina, and they exchange useful information with eachother. Their future plans mainly include setting up robberies with Karina's information, and setting up gun deals with Slim acting as the frontman whilst Karina remains in the background.

The Digital Den[]

Erin Cox 

When Slim first met Erin Cox on February 6th, 2021, she immediately demanded a thousand dollars from him, however Slim threatened to prostitute Erin out if she kept up the attitude, and stated that he wasn't giving her any money. Erin eventually ended up getting distracted with a phone call.

The next day, Slim and Erin got in contact with eachother when Slim was looking for some lockpicks, and Erin informed him that she'd be able to get him what he wanted, along with various other supplies. After a heated few initial interactions, the two seemingly became good business partners, as Erin had many useful connections for Slim, and Slim worked well as protection or intimidation for Erin.

Slim will often verbally and physically assault Erin, claiming that he hates her with a passion, however Erin doesn't seem too bothered by it, and will usually insult him back. Their bickering seems to have no real negative effect on their relationship as the two can often be seen spending time together in various activities.

The Families[]

Dexx Martin 

Slim first met Dexx Martin on February 11th, 2021, after Slim robbed a man outside of the Vanilla Unicorn, where Dexx works as a manager. Slim decided to ask Dexx for a private meeting after getting acquainted to eachother, as Slim always likes to get a more personal connection to the more prominent figures within the city.

After discussing some of the goings-on within the club, and The Families, Dexx seemed to have a clear understanding of the type of person Slim was from seeing how he handled the robbery outside, and decided to show him a police-issued M4 Carbine that Dexx had managed to get his hands on.

Dexx ended up giving the M4 Carbine to Slim as a sign of profitable future business, and stated that he'd like to find out who could supply them with ammunition for such a firearm. Slim then offered himself as protection for Dexx should he ever need it in the future, and as Slim left the club, Dexx made sure to send one of his GSF-members, Summer Mersion, along as backup for Slim in case he ran into any problems for robbing the man earlier.

Summer Mersion 

Slim first met Summer Mersion on February 11th, 2021, when she came up to introduce herself after she had witnessed Slim rob a man outside the Vanilla Unicorn, as she stated that it was a good bit of entertainment to watch it go down.

When Slim was ready to leave the club after concluding a meeting with Dexx Martin, Summer decided to go along with him as a form of protection in case the man from earlier wanted to get revenge for getting robbed. When Slim got snuck up shortly afterwards, Summer immediately pulled out her gun and started shooting at the man, Slim and Summer then drove off to hide in a nearby construction site.

Even though Slim and Summer eventually got found by the police, and Slim got sent to prison for his actions, they seemed to have bonded a little as Summer didn't hesitate to back Slim.

Hogs of Anarchy (HOA)[]

Siz Fulker 

Slim first met Siz Fulker on February 5th, 2021, Siz drove up to Slim and suddenly called him "Uncle" out of nowhere, even though Slim had never met the man before. Slim immediately made fun of the Siz's obesity and exclaimed "I don't know who the fuck you are!", but when Siz kept insisting that Slim was his uncle, Slim was convinced that Siz was just some crazed lunatic.

Siz didn't seem to want to let it go, so Slim decided to go along with him and stated that Siz was definitely his nephew. As soon as Slim did that, Siz started talking about how he was a bigshot cocaine-kingpin within the city that used to have millions of dollars, he then took Slim to his alleged cocaine lab, however when they got there it turned out to just be a locked door in an alleyway.

Now that Slim was completely convinced that Siz was actually a demented madman, he came clean that he wasn't his real uncle and had only been playing along, Slim spent the rest of the day trying to get help for Siz's supposed mental breakdown, however it was to no avail as Siz kept rambling on about his drugs, money, and family.


Item Note Status
A Cane A walking cane, given to him by Dean Watson. In his apartment


  • "Tell your daughter if she looking for another daddy to give Alabaster Slim a call, aight?"

  • Hug ya pimp, bitch.
  • Waddup, hoe.
  • I care about ya, bitch.
  • Ain't nobody ever gonna love ya as much as I do, aight?
  • I appreciate ya, bitch.
  • Toodles!
  • We a burger family.

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    Pimp Song


    Played By: Kyle

    Main Characters: Kyle Pred

    Additional Characters: John Balla† • Dylan Sawyer