Alabaster "Pimp" Slim is the CEO of Cop Killa Records. He is played by Kyle.

Background Edit

Founder of Cop Killa Records - WE OUT HERE Mufuckah! Moved up from being a local street pimp to supplying the criminals of Los Santos with drugs, small arms, and thermite. Dangerous even without a weapon as he is never without a pocket full of powder to pimp slap both bitches and he-bitches alike. He was on the run for 21 days after a prison break with others. He recently turned himself in and got 2 years for it.

Personality Edit

Alabaster Slim is a hot-headed, aggressive man who resorts to violence over civil conversation in most cases. Rather than gaining respect through charm or charisma, he uses power and violence to control those below him and earn respect from those around him. While he does prefer to barge in guns ablaze, he also proves himself to be a clever, quick-witted leader and plan maker in dire situations. Slim is a slippery sharp-shooter with crisp reflexes and an arsenal to match.

Although he is against the notion of being told what to do, it is common for Slim to allow others to make the plans or take the lead in jobs like robberies or shoot-outs. He often describes himself as too lazy to care, hence him never disguising his voice or attempting to wear incognito outfits. He also refuses to work legal jobs, no matter how dry his bank account is looking.

He is known to have close relationships with many criminals, probably because he is one of the most known criminals to not be part of a gang (as Cop Killa Records is considered a record label rather than a gang).

He has close ties with Yung Dab, Eugene Zuckerberg, Lang Buddha & Outto Tune Tyrone whom he is seen frequently robbing banks with or various other actives.

Feeling that all his close friends have branched off from CKR, Slim decided to join the Lean Bois as an affiliate at the request of Denzel Williams and Curtis Swoleroid.

Description Edit

Alabaster Slim is 48 years old and has several tattoos on his body, such as the dollar sign on his right forearm, the dollar bill on his left forearm, the hipster tattoo on his neck, and the stop sign tattoo on the back of his left hand. He wears highly durable makeup, wears earrings, and has a mustache. His black hair is usually either straightened and pulled back into a ponytail or hanging free in tight frizzy curls. During the war with the Lost MC, he cut his hair off.

Slim can often be seen wearing his signature pimp coat or a bulletproof vest, as well as a hat, and a black sock mask. He wears white gloves, often coated with baby powder, and has recently taken up wearing UGG boots rather than dress shoes.

Slim rarely changes his wardrobe from the typical rotation, even for illegal activities like bank robberies, hold-ups, or general malicious crime. He is easily identified by the police due to this and the fact that he hardly ever disguises his voice.

Quotes Edit

  • "Cop Killa Records, we out here!"
  • "He a He-Bitch motherfucker."
  • "I'ma put you out on the corner."
  • "Hug your pimp, bitch."
  • "Broke hoe, titties to the floor, motherfucker."
  • "WE OUT HERE Mufuckah!"
  • "Toodles."

Trivia Edit

  • Likes Goldfish (flavor blasted) and wishes to be sponsored by them.
  • Is sponsored by UGG Boots, and calls them THUGG Boots.
  • It has been noted by Yung Dab, after having been pimp slapped, that Slim's hands are soft and pleasing to the touch.
  • Loves dogs.
  • Claims he doesn’t care about his “wife” (soon to be divorced) Erin, when secretly he does care about her “a little.”

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