Alabaster Slim is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Alabaster Slim is a violent felon and a pimp.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Alabaster Slim is a 48-year-old male with black hair, brown eyes, and a pencil mustache. He can mainly be seen with his hair either permed into jheri curls, or straightened out and let down to just past his shoulders. Occasionally he will style his hair into a very noticeable front-facing pompadour.

Slim has a variety of extravagant outfits that he likes to wear, he also wears an earring in his left earlobe, and can always be seen sporting highly durable makeup which is most noticeable by his smoky black eye liner and eye shadow. He can often be seen accessorizing with either a large gold diamond necklace or a fedora.

Slim has several tattoos on his body, on the left side of his chest he has a coloured tattoo of a hooded skull atop an hourglass in front off two sheathed blades, framed by two clusters of grapes on the bottom and flames in the background. On his left arm he has a trash polka tattoo picturing two fighter planes with skulls and smoke in the background, and on his right hand he has a black and white tattoo of a grenade.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Alabaster Slim is a hot-headed, aggressive man who resorts to violence over civil conversation in most cases. Rather than gaining respect through charm or charisma, he uses power and violence to control those below him and earn respect from those around him.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Independent[edit | edit source]

Molly Minaj 

Slim first met Molly Minaj on February 6th, 2021, when she introduced herself as a dancer for the Vanilla Unicorn, due to her line of work, Slim offered to be a sort of protector for her and take care of her, as long as she agreed to work for him. Molly happily agreed and named Slim as her new "Daddy".

Slim eventually extended an offer for Molly to become one of the girls within his private network, the intent being that she'd relay any information she could gather back to him in exchange for money or services, and Molly agreed.

Molly stated that she'd do anything Slim tells her to do, and seems extremely loyal, protective, and possessive over him, as she has seemingly no issue to harm, threatened, steal, or lie to other people as long as it is in the best interest of Slim.

Karina Dawn 

Slim first met Karina Dawn on February 7th, 2021, Slim informed her that he was looking for legal gun owners to buy and redistribute guns for, and Karina stated that she would be looking into getting a gun license within a day, however their interaction was only brief and they forgot to get eachother's contact information.

Their formal introduction came a few days later, Karina explained to Slim that she was in the business of gathering information, mostly hanging around in the background and listening in on conversation, this made Karina very useful to Slim. Slim extended the offer to work together with Karina for an equal fifty-fifty business deal on the money he could make using her information, Karina agreed to the deal and sent him a text with her number.

Since then Slim and Karina have worked closely together on several occasion, Slim acts as a form of protection for Karina, and they exchange useful information with eachother. Their future plans mainly include setting up robberies with Karina's information, and setting up gun deals with Slim acting as the frontman whilst Karina remains in the background.

The Digital Den[edit | edit source]

Erin Cox 

When Slim first met Erin Cox on February 6th, 2021, she immediately demanded a thousand dollars from him, however Slim threatened to prostitute Erin out if she kept up the attitude, and stated that he wasn't giving her any money. Erin eventually ended up getting distracted with a phone call.

The next day, Slim and Erin got in contact with eachother when Slim was looking for some lockpicks, and Erin informed him that she'd be able to get him what he wanted, along with various other supplies. After a heated few initial interactions, the two seemingly became good business partners, as Erin had many useful connections for Slim, and Slim worked well as protection or intimidation for Erin.

Slim will often verbally and physically assault Erin, claiming that he hates her with a passion, however Erin doesn't seem too bothered by it, and will usually insult him back. Their bickering seems to have no real negative effect on their relationship as the two can often be seen spending time together in various activities.

The Families[edit | edit source]

Dexx Martin 

Slim first met Dexx Martin on February 11th, 2021, after Slim robbed a man outside of the Vanilla Unicorn, where Dexx works as a manager. Slim decided to ask Dexx for a private meeting after getting acquainted to eachother, as Slim always likes to get a more personal connection to the more prominent figures within the city.

After discussing some of the goings-on within the club, and The Families, Dexx seemed to have a clear understanding of the type of person Slim was from seeing how he handled the robbery outside, and decided to show him a police-issued M4 Carbine that Dexx had managed to get his hands on.

Dexx ended up giving the M4 Carbine to Slim as a sign of profitable future business, and stated that he'd like to find out who could supply them with ammunition for such a firearm. Slim then offered himself as protection for Dexx should he ever need it in the future, and as Slim left the club, Dexx made sure to send one of his GSF-members, Summer Mersion, along as backup for Slim in case he ran into any problems for robbing the man earlier.

Summer Mersion 

Slim first met Summer Mersion on February 11th, 2021, when she came up to introduce herself after she had witnessed Slim rob a man outside the Vanilla Unicorn, as she stated that it was a good bit of entertainment to watch it go down.

When Slim was ready to leave the club after concluding a meeting with Dexx Martin, Summer decided to go along with him as a form of protection in case the man from earlier wanted to get revenge for getting robbed. When Slim got snuck up shortly afterwards, Summer immediately pulled out her gun and started shooting at the man, Slim and Summer then drove off to hide in a nearby construction site.

Even though Slim and Summer eventually got found by the police, and Slim got sent to prison for his actions, they seemed to have bonded a little as Summer didn't hesitate to back Slim.

Hogs of Anarchy[edit | edit source]

Siz Fulker 

Slim first met Siz Fulker on February 5th, 2021, Siz drove up to Slim and suddenly called him "Uncle" out of nowhere, even though Slim had never met the man before. Slim immediately made fun of the Siz's obesity and exclaimed "I don't know who the fuck you are!", but when Siz kept insisting that Slim was his uncle, Slim was convinced that Siz was just some crazed lunatic.

Siz didn't seem to want to let it go, so Slim decided to go along with him and stated that Siz was definitely his nephew. As soon as Slim did that, Siz started talking about how he was a bigshot cocaine-kingpin within the city that used to have millions of dollars, he then took Slim to his alleged cocaine lab, however when they got there it turned out to just be a locked door in an alleyway.

Now that Slim was completely convinced that Siz was actually a demented madman, he came clean that he wasn't his real uncle and had only been playing along, Slim spent the rest of the day trying to get help for Siz's supposed mental breakdown, however it was to no avail as Siz kept rambling on about his drugs, money, and family.

Mementos[edit | edit source]

Item Note Status
A Cane A walking cane, given to him by Dean Watson. In his apartment

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Tell your daughter if she looking for another daddy to give Alabaster Slim a call, aight?"

  • Hug ya pimp, bitch.
  • Waddup, hoe.
  • I care about ya, bitch.
  • Ain't nobody ever gonna love ya as much as I do, aight?
  • I appreciate ya, bitch.
  • Toodles!
  • We a burger family.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Often claims to be a Bible salesman.
  • Sells his own menu item at the Burger Shot named "The Southside Special", which contains a handgun.

Highlights[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]

Alabaster Slim is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Alabaster Slim is the owner of the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club.

He was previously an affiliate for the Leanbois but left after deciding the gang life wasn't for him.

He was previously the Co-Owner of Gno-Mercy Records but was removed from his position because he didn't contribute to anything. He was previously the owner of Cop Killa Records before it was merged into Gno-Mercy Records.

Physical Description[edit | edit source]

Alabaster Slim is a 48-year-old male with black hair and brown eyes. His black hair is usually either straightened and pulled back into a ponytail, hanging free in tight frizzy curls, slicked back into a businessman cut, or in a comb-over.

Slim has several tattoos on his body, including a tattoo of a revolver on his left hand, a tattoo of a woman on his right arm, and a tattoo of a woman on his chest.

He wears highly durable makeup, earrings, and has a mustache.

Outfits[edit | edit source]

  • A black suit with a bulletproof vest underneath.
  • A black hoodie with loose jeans and boots.
  • A yellow pimp coat with black leather pants and "thugg" boots.
  • A brown jacket with a flannel undershirt and jeans.
  • A black tanktop and leather pants.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Alabaster Slim is a hot-headed, aggressive man who resorts to violence over civil conversation in most cases. Rather than gaining respect through charm or charisma, he uses power and violence to control those below him and earn respect from those around him. While he does prefer to barge in guns ablaze, he also proves himself to be a clever, quick-witted leader and organizer in dire situations. Slim is a slippery sharp-shooter with crisp reflexes and an arsenal to match.

Although he is against the notion of being told what to do, it is common for Slim to allow others to make the plans or take the lead in jobs like robberies or shoot-outs. He often describes himself as "too lazy to care", hence him never disguising his voice or attempting to wear incognito outfits.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Cop Killa Records[edit | edit source]

Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred

Slim was Yung Dab's best friend. When the two first met, Slim insisted on getting Yung Dab on to the corner and "putting his face tattoo to work".[1]

Slim and Dab founded Cop Killa Records together after they had to shoot Jenny Hall and Dante Wolf at a Jewelry Store heist.[2]

Yung Dab's life sentence caused Slim to become rather emotional, openly crying at the mere mention of Yung Dab's name.

Slim took most of his grief out on Outto-Tune Tyrone, in the form of physical and verbal abuse (cursing, degrading, yelling and slapping).

Outto-Tune Tyrone


Gomer Colton

One of Slim's best friends. The two occasionally do jobs together.

Gomer Colton has also given Slim a large amount of money on many occasions, leading to Slim calling him his "Sugar Daddy".[3]

Vanilla Unicorn[edit | edit source]

Paddy Patrickson

Upon Slim's takeover of the Vanilla Unicorn, Paddy Patrickson expressed interest working as security and was shortly accepted. After a week or so of operations, Paddy's work ethic and dedication was recognized by Slim, who has now appointed Paddy as the Chief of Security.

Gioconda Coppola

Dance Manager at the Vanilla Unicorn. Slim has put her in charge of recruiting and training dancers when the club opens.

Mary Mushkin

Mary Mushkin works for Slim as a dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club. Slim seems interested in her and has spoken about possibly getting her involved in the more underground side of the Vanilla Unicorn, and even possibly having her a member of The Payne Gang.

Slim first met Mary outside of Premium Deluxe Motorsport where he invited her, and her adoptive mother Violet van Housen, to dance at the Vanilla Unicorn.

On January 30th, 2020, Mary made her debut appearance at the Vanilla Unicorn, she made over $20,000 from her first day working there. After Slim decided to close the Vanilla Unicorn for the day he offered Mary a ride to the bank to make sure she got there safely to deposit her earnings. During the ride to the bank Slim offered to officially hire Mary for the Vanilla Unicorn and supply her with a key to the establishment if she was interested, Mary responded that she would very much like that. Mary then complained to Slim about the way Deandre “DJ” Jackson acted towards her new career as a stripper for the Vanilla Unicorn, Slim told Mary that she should just forget about DJ and that she has Slim instead of him. He then followed up by saying that Mary should consider Slim to be her boyfriend, Mary agreed with him and happily exclaimed "I have a boyfriend now", which officially started their relationship.

On January 31st, 2020, Mary met up with Slim in his office at the Vanilla Unicorn. Slim wanted to confirm with Mary that she is actually his girlfriend, Mary once again confirmed that she was indeed his girlfriend and gave him a hug. Slim then proceeded to give Mary a key to the Vanilla Unicorn like he said he would. Mary and Slim continued to talk a bit about their relationship, Slim told Mary he would always take care of her, which led Mary to ask that if she were to ever be at risk of going to jail if Slim would be there to help her. Slim promised her that he would definitely be there for her, however the question made Slim realize that Mary did not know too much about his criminal history so he decided to tell Mary a bit about his criminal past. Mary then confessed to Slim that she never actually had anybody love her before, to which Slim responded that she does now and that nobody would care about her as much as he does. Slim proceeded to warn Mary that people would try to convince her that Slim doesn't care about her, Mary explained that people had already come up to her to warn her that Slim is only using her, but that she had already told them that they were wrong about him. Before Mary left the office she reassured Slim that she believes that he genuinely cares about her.

On February 5th, 2020, When Mary arrived at the Vanilla Unicorn to work for the day she informed Slim that she just got done killing numerous police officers, which took Slim by surprise as he didn't realize Mary was down for that. Slim then commented on the coincidence as he confessed that he had just paid multiple people to kill police officers for him, and excitedly told Mary that the two of them would get along incredibly well. While Mary was dancing and talking to Erin Cox, Slim walked up to both of them and told Mary that if Erin ever gave her any problems she should "beat the shit out of her". Slim then went on to introduce Mary as his girlfriend to Erin, Erin being Slim's ex-wife got overly upset and angry upon hearing that. Sometime later Slim proudly announced Mary to be his girlfriend to everyone present at the Vanilla Unicorn, introducing her as "the perfect girlfriend". Erin, still upset about the news of their relationship dejectedly told Mary, "I thought we were best friends Mary, how could you date my ex-husband". Upon hearing that Slim asked Mary if she remembered what he told her she should do to Erin, if she wanted to. Mary replied that she should kill Erin, which caused Erin to yell out in shock, Mary then corrected herself saying that she should beat Erin instead of killing her. Shortly before closing the Vanilla Unicorn, Slim pulled Mary aside and told her to keep all the money she made without the club taking any cut because he really appreciated her being there, he then went on to say that Mary means more to him than Erin ever did and that Mary is his favorite girl. Mary replied that she really appreciated that and gave him a hug. Slim then instructed Mary to beat Erin for causing a scene in the club, Mary gladly accepted and told the bouncer to bring Erin outside. Once outside Mary swiftly beat down Erin while repeatedly telling her to stay away from her boyfriend.[4] Shortly afterwards, Slim proposed to Mary in front of her adoptive mother, Violet van Housen. Mary accepted, which officially started their engagement.

On February 17th2020, Slim was driving around with Matthew Payne when Mary pulled up next to them outside of garage Q. After some casual conversation Slim informed Mary that they had to get married within five days otherwise Slim would either lose his title of Arch-Duke of Davis or be forced to get remarried to Erin Cox. Mary replied that they should take care of the marriage soon to prevent Slim from having to get married to Erin(These terms were later thrown out by a judge, so they no longer had to get married within five days). The marriage conversation caused Payne to speak up and ask Slim, "I thought you didn't like her anymore?" referring to Mary. Mary replied with a surprised and slightly saddened "Wait, what?" but before she could say much else Slim spoke up telling Payne that he loves Mary and that she's his favorite, Slim then furiously told Payne, "Don't you fucking lie about my favorite bitch". Payne nervously tried to explain himself saying that he thought Slim was in love with the girl on the poster at the Vanilla Unicorn, referring to the poster of Mary. Both Slim and Mary informed Payne that Mary is the one on the poster and Mary immediately introduced herself, Payne quickly apologized saying that he got confused. Slim invited Mary to join them for a bit, which she gladly did after parking her car at the garage. They drove around for a while talking about all kinds of topics whilst looking for a helicopter, after a long time of searching they were unable to locate one and Mary stated that she had to leave, Slim then brought her back to the garage where he picked her up from. Before Slim drove off he told Mary that he loves her and Mary replied that she loves him too.

On March 5th, 2020, Slim decided to call Mary to inform her that he was currently driving around with Erin Cox, he explained to Mary that Erin confessed to him that she instigated a fight with Mary the other day. Mary confirmed that Erin punched her and that Mary almost stabbed her for it.[5] Slim asked Mary if she wanted to get revenge for what Erin did by "beating the shit out of her" but told Mary not to stab Erin, Mary happily agreed to get her revenge on Erin. Slim informed Mary that he would be waiting with Erin at the Benny's. As soon as Mary arrived Erin let out a worried "Oh no!". Whilst Mary and Slim were having a friendly chat about how they were doing Erin continued to speak in the background asking them upsettingly "Are we really doing this right now?" followed by a saddened "Alabaster, Alabaster, Alabaster". Slim spoke up and asked Erin what she was upset about, explaining to her that Mary is his trophy wife thereby suggesting that Erin shouldn't have hurt Mary. Slim continued speaking with Mary and she gave Slim a quick hug before his attention went back to Erin informing her that Mary was not happy with what Erin did to her and giving Erin the opportunity to apologize for what she did. Erin refused to apologize explaining that she is upset that Mary, who was supposed to be her best friend is in love with her ex-husband. Mary then walked around toward the side of the car that Erin was sitting in and instructed her to get out of the car. Slim decided to drive around in Mary's drift car for a bit while Mary and Erin got into an argument about Slim, Slim was too focused on driving so he didn't pay much attention to what was being said in their argument. Meanwhile Erin tried to convince Mary that Slim isn't in love with Mary, but Mary didn't believe any of what she was saying informing Erin that Mary and Slim truly do love each other. Erin then decided to change tactics and try to convince Mary that Slim was already with another girl that was neither Mary nor Erin. Mary started to get irritated with Erin telling her that Slim would never do that to Mary. Erin persisted that the both of them had competition from other girls when it came to Slim and that they should work together to take out the competition, Mary replied that she understood what Erin was saying and followed it up by saying "Well, I atleast know some of the competition". Erin happily told Mary "Yeah, we need to take out ALL of the competition!", Mary replied "I agree" and then started beating up Erin until she was incapacitated, whilst beating up Erin, Mary instructed her to stay the fuck away from Slim. While Erin was laying on the ground Mary told her that if she didn't stay away from Slim she would beat her up again. Slim apologized to Mary for having to beat up Erin and told Mary that she's the best. Before Slim left to drive Erin to the hospital he told Mary that he loves her and Mary replied that she loves him too, Slim then invited Mary to come with him but Mary was worried about leaving her drift car at the Benny's. Before finally leaving, Mary and Slim agreed to talk more later. While waiting for Erin to get treated at the hospital, Slim tried calling Mary but she didn't answer so he instead sent her a text saying "ur the best".

Leanbois[edit | edit source]

Lang Buddha

One of Slim's best friends. The two occasionally do jobs together. Slim has also hired Lang Buddha as a janitor for the Vanilla Unicorn.

Curtis Swoleroid

One of Slim's good friends. The two occasionally do jobs together.

Eugene Zuckerberg

One of Slim's best friends. The two occasionally do jobs together.

Vagos[edit | edit source]

Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana

Slim and Speedy are good friends despite Slim, on multiple occasions, setting Speedy up to be HUT. Their relationship previously soured when the Vagos took out a contract from Sonya Summers to go after the Lost MC.

The Families[edit | edit source]

Dexx Martin

Slim and Dexx Martin are very good friends. The two frequently do business together.

Lost MC[edit | edit source]

Rudi Rinsen

Despite Slim killing two members of the Lost MC, Rudi Rinssen and Slim are relatively friendly and do frequent business together.

QuickFix[edit | edit source]

Raja Bahadur

Slim and Raja Bahadur occasionally do business together. Raja also gave Slim 100k when Slim came to him about his plans for Paleto.[6]

Summer Mersion

One of Slim's good friends and personal lawyer. On February 24th, 2020, he gave her the title "Jarl of Mirror Park".

Chang Gang[edit | edit source]

Vinny Pistone

Slim and Vinny Pistone have been entrusted by Matthew Payne to be the main sellers of warehouses.

On June 12th, 2020, Slim shot down Matthew Payne and Vinny on the top of a parking garage. A couple of minutes later he called Vinny and Vinny exclaimed that Slim was dead to him.

Other[edit | edit source]

Matthew Payne

One of Slim's best friends. The two frequently do business together and have recently signed a "blood pact" due to the Warehouse business.[7]

Matthew Payne also reached out to Slim, offering to help run the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, as Slim became less involved from March 2020. At that time Slim declined Payne's offer. On May 22nd 2020, Payne became one of the managers of the VU to assist Slim, run events, and use the VU to launder Warehouse money. Slim is still the VU owner. Payne later resigned from his position.

On June 12th, 2020, following a bench trial where Slim testifyed against Payne, Slim shot down both Payne and Vinny Pistone on the top of a parking garage.

Leslie Ling

One of Slim's best friends. The two frequently do business together

Otto Delmar

On February 24th, 2020, Otto Delmar delivered a large shipment of Class 2 Firearms to Slim, requesting 800 pixerium as payment.

Siz Fulker

Siz Fulker is Slim’s adopted nephew and they are very close to each other, they both are always down to work together, business and crime wise.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

Slim Diesel

After purchasing a 1/1 Vapid Ellie from the Tuner Shop, Slim has declared himself as "Slim Diesel", and is currently on a quest to become the best racer in all of Los Santos.

On April 26th, 2020, Slim Diesel participated in his first series of races. His positions were the following:

  • First Race - Last Place
  • Second Race - Did Not Finish
  • Third Race - Second-to-Last place

Despite doing poorly, Slim commented that he had fun and would like to race more the next time he's in the city.

The Payne Gang

Matthew Payne has recently started selling Warehouses all around Los Santos, he employed Vinny Pistone and Slim to help him sell them to criminals around the city. They would also give Payne muscle when problems occur.

On March 5th, 2020, Slim, Vinny, and Payne had a meeting where they discussed the pricing plans for warehouses.

On March 6th, 2020, Slim, Vinny, and Payne officially started selling warehouses all across Los Santos.

On March 29th, 2020, Matthew Payne accompanied by Alabaster Slim, Lang Buddha, and Vinny Pistone called Johnny Cassle and informed him that they had captured Buck Colton. After calling Cassle they took Buck to a bunker outside of Paleto and awaited Cassel's arrival. Cassle arrived shortly in his Ferraria F40 and, as a result of Buck betraying Nino Chavez's truck, ordered his death.

On March 30th, 2020, Matthew Payne, Alabaster Slim, and Lang Buddha informed Cassle that they had successfully captured Sun Moon and Bobby Goodman. After calling Cassle they took Sun Moon and Dragon to a secluded pond on Mount Gordo. They execute Sun Moon for him knowing too much, and then Cassle orders Buddha to behead Dragon with a hatchet as a result of him letting out too much info. Cassle finishes the job by burning their corpses.

On June 12th, 2020, Slim shot down both Vinny and Payne on the top of a parking gargage.

The Vault Heist

On March 19th, 2020, Slim, alongside Mike Wadum, Siz Fulker, and Juan Carlos Hernandez successfully managed to complete the east coast power plant, as well as managed to rob the Vault Bank in the middle of vinewood. They are the second group to successfully complete the heist after the thermite changes. 

The One Million Dollar Race

On March 9th, 2020, Slim and Eugene Zuckerberg participated in the first day of Sun Moon's 1,000,000$ race. After large amounts of "malding", the pair managed to come in first place. Sadly the pair did not win the final day of the race, and left with no winnings.

The Arch-Duke of Davis

On January 29th, 2020, Slim was granted the title "Arch-Duke of Davis". With this title comes the ability to grant titles to citizens that he, and Judge Wayne Ardson deem worthy.

  • January 31st, 2020 - Slim granted Jackie Snow the title "Lord of the Skies".
  • February 24th, 2020 - Slim and Ardson granted Vladimir Raven the title "Baron of Vinewood".
  • February 24th, 2020 - Slim and Ardson granted Summer Mersion the title "Jarl of Mirror Park".

Slim is currently planning a show where he pits women against each other in order to gain his affection. The current contestants are Fiona Stewart and Summer Mersion.

The Vanilla Unicorn

On January 20th, 2020, Slim become the new co-owner of the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, receiving Nino Chavez's share of the business and keys from Coop Holliday.[8] He plans to become a more powerful figure in the city and is ready to make changes to the South Side and bring entertainment to the citizens of the city. As time passed, Coop mentioned to Slim he could help run the VU if Slim wasn't interested, given Coop's close relationship with Nino.

Recently, Slim has shown more aggression towards the south side after the Vagos accepted a contract from Sonya Summers to hunt down and kill the Lost MC.

On February 24th, 2020, Slim received a large shipment of Class 2 Firearms from Otto Delmar. He primarily sold them to the Lost MC, who in turn gave them to their middlemen to deal out to people in the city.

On March 1st, 2020, Slim was arrested with one of the Compact Rifles that he got from Otto.

On March 21st, 2020, Slim transitioned from the public owner of the VU to being the shadow owner, putting Evita Nimm in charge of the places day-to-day tasks while remaining in charge of the underground fighting pit. Matthew Payne also expressed an offer to help run the VU, however at that time Slim declined the offer.

On May 22nd 2020, Payne became one of the managers of the VU to assist Slim, run events, and use the VU to launder Warehouse money. Slim is still the VU owner. Payne later resigned from his position.

Outer Heaven

Outer Heaven was a plan Slim had for Paleto that involved making it a sanctuary for criminals. Sadly his plan never came to fruition.

Leanbois Affiliate

Feeling that all his close friends had branched off from Cop Killa Records, Slim was invited to join the Leanbois as an affiliate, which he accepted.[9]

During his short run as an affiliate, he participated in the Leanbois vs South Side Ballas war.

After a short time as an affiliate, Slim deciding the Leanbois lifestyle was not for him and left the gang, while still remaining close friends with them.

On The Run

Slim was previously on the run for 21 days after he and others were broken out of jail by the Chang Gang. While on the run he was disguised as Eddie Marshall's Canadian relative, "Jason Marshall" and was working at the Tuner Shop.

While on the run Slim ran into the Lost MC at the smeltery and gave them his 1 of 1 Pimp Chalice and asked them to show it to Jackie Snow in hopes of him believing that the Lost MC had killed Slim.

While being on the run he attempted to hunt down all the cops that arrested him. He was only able to hunt down Rocko Colombo, and his fiance, Mia Mersion.[10]

While on the run, Slim contacted Nino Chavez and received a silencer for his PD Carbine.[11]

After getting bored with the limitations of his wanted status, he turned himself in and received 2 years in prison, with mandatory parole once released. During his parole, he worked as the receptionist at Pillbox Medical.

CKR v Lost MC

Chapter One: "Hostage"

On July 13th, 2019, Slim, Lang Buddha, Eugene Zuckerberg, and Gomer Colton took Ryan Parker hostage for a bank job after he crashed into them. While in their trunk, Ryan managed to text Reid Dankleaf and pinged him while they were driving to the bank. When Reid arrived, he unloaded an AP Pistol outside and demanded that they let his "wife" go. When Slim didn't comply, Reid shot out their getaway car's tires.

The day after, Slim and Eugene rob Ryan of 10 bags of weed and tell him not to tell the rest of the Lost MC that is was them that kidnapped him the other day. Ryan got on the Lost MC's radio freq and explains to Gary Adams what happened.

Chapter Two: "Yellow Jack"

After learning what Slim did to Ryan, the Lost MC called up Slim and asked him to meet them at the Yellow Jack. Slim, Eugene, Gomer, and Curtis Swoleroid go up to the yellow jacket to meet the Lost MC, with Slim and Gomer going inside and Eugene and Curtis staying outside in case something goes wrong, Slim tells them to shoot if he says the phrase "I'll be seeing you later" on the radio. Eventually, Slim and Gomer meet Reginald Campbell, Victor Mason, Samuel O'Faolain, and Gary Adams at the Yellow Jack. Reggie and Slim do most of the talking, with Reggie offering to forgive Slim for the trouble he's caused. Slim, however, claims that the whole mess was Ryan and Reid's fault. He's also especially mad at Ryan for snitching. An uneasy end comes to the discussion, and as the bikers begin to walk away, Slim tells them, "I guess I'll be seeing you later".[12] Suddenly, Eugene and Curtis both wielding LMG's, flank the Lost MC from outside. Although both Gomer and Slim eventually go down, the rest of the bikers were outmatched by Eugene and Curtis' bigger guns, and all four of them go down. Eugene and Curtis pick up Slim and Gomer and quickly leave the scene. Victor Mason later passed away due to complications while in the ICU.

Chapter Three: "Revenge"

After learning that Victor had passed away, Ryan and Mia Mersion went hunting for Eugene so they could question him on whether he had any involvement in the shootout at the Yellow Jacket. After smashing up his store for a bit, they found him and radioed the rest of the Lost MC so that they could question him together. Eventually, after much arguing, the Lost MC made Ryan let Eugene go, on account of them not knowing for sure that Eugene was apart of the shootout at the Yellow Jacket. Additionally, they didn't feel comfortable making such a large decision without the Club President, Rudi Rinsen, being there to give the go-ahead. After heading to the compound, the Lost MC agree to go after Slim and Gomer but will wait on going after Eugene until Rudi is around. A few minutes pass and Cooch Cassidy reports that there's a suspicious-looking vehicle hanging around the compound. Both he and Reid shoot at the vehicle causing the driver to flee into the ocean. Reid and Ryan spot a boat with the individual and tail it back to land, as soon as he beaches Rein and Ryan open fire on the individual, downing him. After a lengthy pursuit with the police, the Lost MC managed to get the masked individual to the compound and unmask him revealing him to be Eugene Zuckerberg. After comparing the outfit he was wearing, to the outfit that of one of the masked individuals involved in the shootout at the Yellow Jacket, the remaining members of the Lost MC agree that he was apart of it and open fire on Eugene causing him to go into the ICU.

Chapter Four: "Tough Choices"

Ryan Parker, Reid Dankleaf, and Reginald Campbell were making plans when they noticed a suspicious white vehicle occupied by Eugene Zuckerberg drive by the compound. They were immediately suspicious and went to investigate, Ryan and Reggie went to the southernmost part of the lake and find the car, alongside two occupied boats. The two attempt to make the driver of the vehicle step out, but they drive away, so the two try again with one of the people in the boats. The person (OTT) stealing the boat eventually stops and attempts to radio to his friends that the Lost MC found him, so Ryan and Reggie shoot and down him. The individual in the car (Eugene) and the individual in the other boat (Slim) come back and open fire on Ryan, taking out a few of the tires on his banshee, causing Ryan to be unable to chase after them. At this point, the police have arrived, before attempting to flee, Ryan realizes he can use the PD as a weapon.[13] He yells at the cop that there are people shooting in the water and drives him towards wone, the cop spots an individual (Slim) in the water and orders him to put his hands up, but is instantly put down.[14] While the rest are busy with the PD, Ryan drives back and picks up the individual they shot down by the boat and takes them back to the compound, where they unmask him and reveal that it's Outto-Tune Tyrone. After noticing that OTT is no longer speaking on the radio, Slim calls up Reid and attempts to get him back. That eventually fails, causing Slim to make a tough choice, and call the police to inform them that OTT is being held captive in the Lost MC MC Compound.[15] Before the police arrive at the compound, the Lost MC carve "Lost and Damned" into OTT's back.

The PD arrives at the compound and begins to question the Lost MC members outside. Meanwhile, OTT attempts to bargain with Ryan, telling him that if Ryan returns his belongings and allows him to leave, he won't tell the cops about what happened. He starts counting down from three before he reaches one, Ryan walks behind him and knocks him out cold [16] and hides him in the back room of the compound. After hiding him, Ryan overhears an officer saying that they just want to search the compound in an attempt to distract and maybe lure the officers away, Ryan bursts out of the compound in his car. While attempting to drive away, he crashes into a sign and flips his vehicle, while repairing it a masked individual (Eugene) approaches Ryan and takes him hostage. Meanwhile, the PD is clearing the compound and find an unconscious OTT and transport him to Pillbox Medical. Slim, Eugene, Gomer, and Vinny Pistone take Ryan to an isolated location and get on his radio frequency and start taunting Reid. However, Reid stands his ground and tells them that he wouldn't stoop as low as to call the cops if he had been in their situation. Eventually, Slim gets a call from OTT telling him what they did to him, after learning what happened to OTT Slim decides that they should carve "CKR" into Ryan's chest as payback. After that, Slim leaves the fate of Ryan up to OTT who ultimately decides to shoot him up.[17] While driving back to the Lost MC's compound, the group questions whether they did the right thing, before dumping him in the compound and calling EMS.[18] Before the EMS arrives, Norman Bones shows up at the compound, walks around a bit, and eventually walks away.[19] After receiving medical treatment Ryan is placed into the ICU.

Chapter Five: "Reggie"

On July 20th, 2019, Gary Adams, Reid Dankleaf, Reginald Campbell, and Jason Paul rolled on up Alabaster Slim, Eugene Zuckerberg, Lang Buddha, and Ellie Dono while they were leaving the CKR office. A shootout occurred between the 8 with all of the Lost MC getting downed and none of Slim's crew getting downed.[20] While in the hospital Reginald Campbell passes away from GSWs. Reid and JP also get sent into the ICU.

Chapter Six: "The End"

After a few more minor skirmishes; Rudi Rinsen called up Slim and both of them agreed to end the war.

While on the run after breaking out of prison, Slim ran into the Lost MC at the smeltery and gave them his 1 of 1 Pimp Chalice and asked them to show it to Jackie Snow in hopes of him believing that the Lost MC had killed Slim.

Over the course of the war, 3 members of the Lost MC passed away.

  • Victor Mason - Shot by Curtis Swoleroid and Eugene Zuckerberg at the Yellow Jack.
  • Reginald Campbell - Shot by Alabaster Slim outside of the CKR office.
  • Cooch Cassidy - Blown up by locals outside of Sandy Shores.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Cop Killa Records, we out here!"
  • "He a He-Bitch mu'fuckah"
  • "Come into my office let's have a meeting"
  • "Dance fo' ya pimp, bitch"
  • "I'ma put you out on the corner"
  • "Hug ya pimp, bitch"
  • "BLAP BLAP!"
  • "Broke hoe, titties to the flow, mu'fuckah."
  • "WE OUT HERE Mu'fuckah!"
  • "Toodles BITCH"
  • "Hey bitch"
  • "Who cares about ya?"
  • "Waddup hoe"
  • "Remember me muh'fuckah?" - to Rocko Colombo and Mia Mersion.[10]
  • "I was a pimp in a blimp with a limp, and I crashed that blimp and it gave me more of a limp." - to Sybil Shepard.[21]
  • "I'll slap everybody motherfucker, im a pimp not a preist"

 Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

Criminal Record

Alabaster Slim's prior convictions list as of Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

Drugs and Alcohol.png

  • Accessory to Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x2
  • Assault x3 
  • Assault on a Peace Officer x7 
  • Assault with Deadly Firearm x3 
  • Assault with Deadly Weapon x7 
  • Attempted First Degree Murder x1 
  • Attempted Manslaughter x3 
  • Attempted Murder x1 
  • Attempted Murder of a Government Employee x1 
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder x2 
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x21 
  • Battery x4 
  • Battery on a Judge x2 
  • Battery on a Peace Officer x22 
  • Brandishing non Firearm x5 
  • Conspiracy x1 
  • Contempt of Court x7 
  • Criminal Possession of Government-issued Firearm x1 
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x31 
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x26 
  • Criminal Possession of a Taser x1 
  • Criminal Threats x6 
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x26 
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x5 
  • Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License x1 
  • Escaping Custody x1 
  • Evading x2 
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x13 
  • Failure to Stop x1 
  • Felony Trespassing x1 
  • First Degree Robbery x1 
  • First Degree Speeding x1 
  • Harassment x1 
  • Illegal Passing x2 
  • Illegal U-turn x1 
  • Jaywalking x1 
  • Joyriding x4 
  • Kidnapping x13 
  • Littering x1 
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine x2 
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance "OXY" x17 
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Crack x5 
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana x1 
  • Negligent Driving x2 
  • Non-functional Vehicle x1 
  • Obstruction of Justice x1 
  • Petty Theft x2 
  • Receiving Stolen Property in the Third Degree x1 
  • Reckless Evading x16 
  • Removed Drivers License x1 
  • Resisting Arrest x22 
  • Robbery x22 
  • Tampering With a Vehicle x1 
  • Third Degree Speeding x3 
  • Trespassing x1 
  • Unauthorized Parking x3 
  • Unlawful Imprisonment x3 
  • Vandalism of Government Property x1

Drivers License: In Good Standing

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Likes Goldfish (Flavor Blasted) and wishes to be sponsored by them.
  • Is sponsored by UGG Boots, and calls them THUGG Boots.
  • It has been noted by Yung Dab (after having been pimp slapped) that Slim's hands are soft, and pleasing to the touch.
  • Loves dogs.
  • Claimed he didn’t care about his former wife (now divorced) Erin Cox, even though secretly he did care about her “a little” but never would admit it.
  • During his war against the Lost MC, Slim was never downed during a gunfight.
  • Used his "Law of Suprise" to take Erin Cox's Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63.
  • Owns a 1/1 Vapid Ellie based on the Mustang from Gone in 60 Seconds.

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References[edit | edit source]

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