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Al Saab is a character role-played by Ssaab.


Al Saab, generally known as "Saab" is a founding member of the Leanbois & member of the Cleanbois. He is the founder of Bad Boy Customs.


Early Life & Origins

Al Saab grew up in a harsh environment to rich parents. He soon decided that wasn’t the life he wanted. This led to him moving to Los Santos and becoming a founding member of the Leanbois.

In the past, he was known for being one of the nicest criminals in the city - while unfortunately giving the unwanted impression that he's soft and gullible. He can also be cringe-y, and tends to say random things that don't make any sense, or say things that can make him come off as a dirty-minded pervert.

Saab has tried to be a collected person, but after the events of his last relationship and those at the south-side, he became more hostile. Although Saab isn't the craziest member of the Leanbois, he can still be dangerous if he gets angry at a specific target or subject.

Stroke Masters

Whilst the Leanbois were on a hiatus, Saab met Denzel Williams and together they founded Stroke Masters Repair Garage.

Even though Stroke Masters eventually went defunct, Saab and Denzel still remained close.


One of the Saab's preferred activities is racing. He is also considered to be one of the "better drivers" of Los Santos. While this can be true, Saab is frequently at the hospital due to car accidents. Whether he is considered a better (or worse) driver than others in his class, like Tony Corleone and Eddie Marshall, depends on the road itself and the driving conditions.

BBC (Bad Boy Customs)

Saab is the founder of Bad Boy Customs.

The business is a car parts manufacturer, which supplies needed materials to repair garages around the city. He enlisted the help of Nino Chavez who invested in BBC via his company Sahara International -and Eddie Marshall, who saw the potential in the company.

BBC began to make progress, hiring employees and producing consistent pay checks each week. Saab wanted BBC to have more purpose and expanded the business to include a towing and delivery service throughout the city, providing to local businesses and criminals alike.


After returning from Mexico, Saab was met with open arms from the friends he had left behind. Additionally, he found himself with offers from various groups such as Chang Gang, HOA, and the Angels after they learned that his former group - the Leanbois - were not going to return to the city. This made him a very sought after free agent.

Weeks after his return, Nino Chavez called him to meet. Him, Nino, Curtis Swoleroid, and Jay “JJ” Jarvis met on December 6th, 2020 and this resulted in Nino bringing in Saab to Sahara International.

However, with the city becoming bankrupt after the government went all-in on GameStop stocks, Sahara International went under - rendering the business defunct.

3.0 Server


Saab was brought in to Siz Fulker's meth production operation alongside Denzel Williams and Manny McDaniels as co-cooks.

Notable Relationships

Tony Corleone

Tony is Saab's long best friend and racing buddy. They are OG members of the Leanbois. Saab tends to hang out with Tony the most out of the Leanbois members, due to their similar waking schedules. They are also the closest when it comes to friendship within the group and rarely quarrel. When they're together, they tend to find themselves committing bank robberies, kidnapping, or street racing. Saab also occasionally asks Tony for life advice, although Tony's advice doesn't always seem to help him. Tony is sometimes known to be the selfish and jealous type. In this case, Tony doesn't like when Saab hangs out with someone else more than himself, and can resort to rude or aggressive behavior when this occurs. Overall, whenever things get down, these two count on each other for support.

Lang Buddha

Buddha is also one of Saab's long best friends. Along with Saab, Buddha is also an OG member of the Leanbois. Saab's relationship with Buddha can be complicated at times, due to their occasional disagreements and fights. Several times, Buddha has attempted to screw Saab over - for example, by flirting with Brenda and ruining Saab's relationship with her. Buddha has also made fun of Saab regarding his past murders, which Saab took as an insult rather than a joke. Buddha likes to poke fun at Saab by accusing him of Jackie Hyde's murder despite him being the one to actually do the deed. Saab took the blame to protect Buddha and considers himself just as guilty for being an accessory to her murder. Despite their arguments, they both still have each other's back at the end of the day.

Brenda Pancake

Brenda was Saab's 8th and last girlfriend before going their separate ways. While having known each other for a while already, their relationship first started as a "fake snail" in order to make Amara jealous while she was dating Tessa. Their plan backfired when Vinny found out and got mad at the both of them (Brenda was talking to Vinny but not dating him at the time). It was later revealed that Vinny was already talking to a girl name Oola as well as multiple other women. The day after this incident, Saab talked to Brenda and told his true feelings about her, but Brenda rejected both Saab and Vinny. At that point, they both repossessed Brenda's car as a way to get back at her. A few days after this, Brenda decided to hang out with Saab, although he felt like Brenda was up to something and didn't immediately trust her. However, Saab began to trust Brenda once more as they started hanging out more often.

During that week, Brenda confessed to Saab that she really liked him and it was really hard for her to open up. After not seeing each other for the next few days, Saab asked Brenda to be his girlfriend and she said yes. During the beginning of their relationship, many people tried to ruin their relationship by spreading lies about the two to each other. Buddha tried to wingman Saab, but he revealed to Brenda that he wanted her for himself. As a result, Buddha tried to kill himself by taking a pill. During the #Braab Court, Chang admitted to Saab that Buddha hired him to break Saab up with Brenda. However, people stopped interfering after the #Braab Court and their relationship became stronger than before.

About three months into their relationship, Saab got an engagement ring and a shirt with their ship name “#Braab“ as the slogan, but Brenda never received the ring. They both decided to end their relationship due to negative outside interference. That same week, Dr. Choi locked Saab and Brenda in the back at the hospital for couple's therapy. They both expressed their true feelings to each other and agreed to take it day by day.

Two months later, Brenda hired Claire Seducerto seduce Saab and to find out if Saab is really over her. While Brenda was hiding in the trunk, Saab confessed to Claire that he still loved Brenda and still had feelings for her. After being away for a while and going through a patch of depression, Brenda returned to the city to go to Denzel's hearing. She reunited with Saab and told him "I love you", which Saab returned. After the phone conversation between the two, Brenda went to Saab's house and took the engagement ring from his vault before leaving the city.

After returning from a period away from the city, Brenda avoided Saab when she found out he had told others that she was dead and that Saab had moved on from her. They eventually saw each other, but the Leanbois were hostile to her. Due to these hostilities, Eugene hit Brenda with a hatchet multiple times and the Leanbois blamed it on Saab. Saab was upset at his family, but did not show up at the hospital or text her to see if she was okay.

After all of this, Saab and Brenda have been avoiding and ignoring each other.

Nino Chavez

Nino is one of Saab's friends and business partners. He is one of the few people in the city that's helping Saab with his business called, Bad Boy Customs. Nino believes that Saab is the smartest member of Leanbois and respects him the most. The two have had minimal disagreements other than "the egg video" - Nino almost stopped helping Saab because of the text message Saab had sent him, about a video of Nino shoving eggs into his butt. However, it was Vinny who was dressed up as Nino in the video. Overall, Nino has been a good friend to Saab and tries to be there for him whenever he's in a terrible situation. Nino, on December 6th, 2020, brought Saab into Sahara International as a manager to help run the company.

Denzel Williams

Denzel is Saab's long best friend, nearly a brother to him. Denzel became the owner and founder of Stroke Masters along with Saab. After they went out of business, they still remained close. Denzel is a member of the Leanbois. Denzel has been there for Saab whenever things get serious and Saab gives him the same treatment.

Eddie Marshall

Eddie is one of Saab's good friends. He is the business partner of Bad Boy Customs as well as being Saab's boss of the turner shop. He is also one of the people that Saab races with.

Siz Fulker

Saab was introduced to Siz by Yung Dab for a bank job. They bonded over the numerous jobs they did together before and after Dab's lockup. They eventually became friends and Siz is considered a close ally of the Leanbois. They often share an inside joke about needing more money.

There have, however, been times when Siz has screwed Saab - such as leaving him while he was downed and taking his hostage for use in a bank robbery. Despite this, Saab has saved Siz in very intense moments - such as when Siz executed someone at a guarded event at the VU, where Saab helped him escape.

Saab shares his apparent romantic affection toward Siz openly, which is rarely reciprocated. In some occasions, Saab seems adamant that both he and Siz are actively dating, being aggressive toward others who show affection for Siz as well.

Curtis Swoleroid

Curtis used to be one of Saab's good friends and a former member of the Leanbois. Saab was one of the two people in the group (the other Ellie) who Curtis never had any problems with. Alongside the other members, Saab and Curtis used to do bank jobs, kidnapping, and shooting of enemy gangs. Curtis even helped Saab by pancaking Tim Lee between two cars after Tim shot Brenda in front of Saab.

When Curtis chose to leave the Leanbois, Saab decided to shoot at him and Curtis fired back at Saab and the other Leanbois while driving away.

When Saab returned from Mexico, he realized that holding grudges with people was pointless. Him and Curtis squashed their beef and have begun a road of repairing their relationship.

Ellie Dono

Ellie is basically a sister to Saab as well as being a good friend to him. Saab originally asked Ellie out, but she chose crack over him. At one point, Saab asked Ellie for help when he admitted to her that he had feelings for Brenda. Ellie is also a member of the Leanbois.

Tori Bologna

Tori is one of Saab's good friends and also acts like a sister to him. Tori usually helps Saab with his relationship with Brenda, as well as with giving him life advice. Saab gives Tori the same talk treatment as Tony whenever they get into a bad argument.

Torah Andrews

Torah is Saab’s sister who is a Doctor at Pillbox Medical Center. Sometimes when Saab sees Torah, he accidentally ignores her due to the fact that he's always busy with other situations. However whenever things get down, Saab will always count on Torah for support. Saab also asks Torah for life advice (especially relationship advice).

Amara Harte

Amara used to briefly date Saab, but it was revealed that she only agreed to go out with Saab to avoid getting killed by him. Amara was also depressed at the time due to Brenda rejecting her, and Saab was the only one that was there to listen to her problems. However, they decided to end their budding relationship due to the conflict between Amara's EMT job and Saab's criminal affiliations.

During their final "date", Amara accused Saab of murdering a woman in his home and became afraid for her life. Things were a bit rocky between them after that incident, however they smoothed things over eventually. Later on, Saab was sad when Amara let him know that she had begun a relationship with Tessa Lamb.

Shortly after, Amara found out that Saab and Brenda were trying to make her jealous by pretending to date each other when Amara was dating Tessa. After his plan was discovered, Saab decided to change his ways and move on to find another girl.

Amara and Saab moved on to be just friends - every once in a while, Amara would call Saab to check up on him although their conversations were short and infrequent.

Saab was informed of Amara's death through Buddha and later on by Dr. Andrew Ducksworth. Saab's first reaction upon hearing about her death was, "I almost hooked up with that girl".

Chips Ahoy

Chips is Saab's adoptive nephew. While not being related, Saab still treats him like a nephew (possibly more of a son than just a nephew). Whenever Chips is in trouble, Saab tries to be there to support him no matter what the situation is. At one point, Saab tries to stop Chips from smoking crack but unfortunately, it didn't go so well. Eventually, Saab understood why Chips loves crack and tries to accept him for what he is (although Saab gets pissed at times whenever Chips does something stupid).

Kayden Dell'Anno

In the past, Saab took part in a kidnapping plan to kill Kayden for allegedly snitching on Vinny, but he likes to give people second chances and she was one of those people. Saab's friendship with Kayden is pretty similar to Brenda's friendship with Jordan. Kayden considered Saab as one of her best friends and sometimes reaches out with personal life problems - returning the life advice when asked, as shown by the way Kayden once saved the relationship of Saab and Brenda.

At one point, Saab was one of the few people to know that Kayden was undercover with the name Camilla and she even helped Saab by selling him parts for Bad Boy Customs. Saab also offered a job to Kayden as a BBC tow truck driver. Sometimes, Kayden would spread lies such as saying that she is the girlfriend of Saab in order to make Jordan jealous.

At one point, they had an argument about BBC delivering weed. Saab tried to confront Kayden about how she found out about the deliveries, but the argument made things worse between the two. This was the last conversation they had before Kayden died.

Jordan Steele

Saab and Jordan are effectively "frenemies". During the beginning of Saab and Brenda's relationship, Jordan criticized Saab because of his record and Jordan was convinced that Saab was a drug addict. Because of that, Jordan started an AA meeting aimed at Saab (even though Saab never had a problem).

Around that point, Saab and Jordan got into multiple fights, including one around the towing Saab's car. Later on, Saab and Jordan tried to have a serious conversation about their beef and Jordan attempted to Saab for drugs. Their relationship since this incident has improved, but is complicated by the fact that Jordan is now a cop and has faced Saab at gun point.

Saab also found out from his sister Torah that he is the adoptive uncle of Jordan.

Jordan has previously falsely accused Saab of having sex with Kayden and even blamed Saab for her death, even though Jordan was the one behind it. Jordan has gone on to murder multiple others (including Boba Stone) and frame Saab for the deaths.

The Chang Gang

Saab originally was very close with the Chang Gang and would often commit crimes with them. However, Saab and the Leanbois begin to go to war with the Chang Gang after Chang wanted to tax people for robbing the jewelry store and the vault. As a result, the Chang Gang kidnapped and stabbed Saab, pissed on him, and blew him up with a gas tank. After winning the first 6 v 6 foot fight with the Chang Gang, Saab and the Leanbois decided to end the war and everything went back to normal.

  • Mr. Chang: Chang is one of Saab's good friends and he usually calls him for supplies or to do bank jobs. There were also a couple of times when Chang inappropriately came on to Saab, specifically at the strip club. Chang is the only person in the city that calls Saab, "Scaab". Chang began to hate Saab during the period the two gangs were at war.
  • Vinny Pistone: Vinny is one of Saab's good friends and Saab used to work for Vinny at PDM. At one point, Vinny almost fired Saab because of the fake relationship he had with Brenda. After Vinny sold PDM, they ended performing more illegal activities together, such as robbing banks and street racing. They both now work at the Tuner Shop together.
  • Ramee El-Rahman: Ramee and Saab are considered to be friends although Ramee has tried to scam Saab multiple times in the past. Ramee has on several occasions said rude things about Saab in front of Brenda, which she did not take well. The two are not always the best pair, due to Ramee's S.B.S and Saab's stupid impulsive behavior.
  • Randy Bullet: Saab and Randy are allies and will occasionally do jobs together.
  • Big D: Saab is pretty cool with Big D also. Saab hired Big D to be the limo driver for Saab's one month anniversary with Brenda. Big D took the request, but never got paid for it (if Saab actually paid, then it took him months to do so).
  • Uchiha Jones: Saab doesn't interact with Uchiha as much as the other Chang Gang members, but they are still relatively friendly.


  • "I'm a bad boy!" - (Almost every conversation.)
  • "I'm the CEO of a company, a pioneer, a millionaire, an entrepreneur, a bad boy."
  • "Leanbois, Bitch! (Suck a dick!)" - (When getting into a fight or a shootout)
  • "...If that's the case." - (Almost every conversation.)
  • "It's pretty simple." - (Almost every hostage negotiation.)
  • "Give me 10~15 minutes" - (Any time someone asks for a meeting)
  • "I'm the best driver in Los Santos."
  • "Abso-fucking-lutely!" - (Whenever Saab agrees on something)
  • "(Oh), hell yeah!" - (Whenever Saab agrees on something)
  • "Wahoo!!!" - (Whenever Saab is high on cocaine)
  • "I'm a tough cookie."
  • *clears throat* - (When Saab gets exposed or tries to ignore what someone said, if it's about him)
  • "Oy yoy yoy yoy yoy...."
  • "Hehehehehe" - (Almost every conversation.)
  • "Truuuueeee......"
  • "WHAT?!"
  • "What is that suppose to mean?"
  • "God Dammit!"
  • "Do I have to cut a bitch?"
  • "I'm gonna kill, (_________)!"
  • "I'm ready to buck-buck!" (When Saab gets bloodthirsty for revenge)
  • "You son of a bitch!"
  • "Oi, mate!" - (When robbing a bank.)
  • "Oi! We're the lads from Manchester, on tour!"
  • "...Pumpkin Pie" - (Nickname that Saab calls Brenda)
  • "Brenda, I made a mistake." - (What Saab used to say when he goes to jail)
  • "I don't care what other people say about you. I think you are a nice guy / girl."
  • "I can walk. I can walk. I can walk."
  • "Oh, god!"
  • "Are you serious right now? (Are you serious right now?)"
  • "I'm so disappointed."
  • "Work to Benny's. Work to Benny's." - (Sometimes, Saab mentions this when talking to Brenda while she drives to Benny's.)
  • "I don't want to talk about it. Not after what happen..."
  • "Can I have a hug?" - (Usually says this to Brenda)
  • "No you hang-up first."
  • "Jesus Christ, you can't drive." - (When Saab's in the passenger seat and Brenda or any other bad driver is driving)
  • "My man!" (When Saab see one of his friends talk to a girl)
  • "You look (really) cute today."
  • "That's my girl!" - (Referring to Brenda when she impresses Saab)
  • "Driver of the year, by the way." - (When Tony gets in a car accident)
  • "Are you from Manchester?"
  • "EZ Clap!" - (When Saab finished a mission or a bank job)
  • "I love you. I forgive you. (Take all the time you need.)" - (Copied from Buddha)
  • "I've got the reflexes of a mongoose!"
  • "You'll get the Saab Special." - (Whenever Saab threatens someone)

Criminal Record

Gang Afilliated.png
Drugs and Alcohol.png

Accessory to Escaping Custody x4

  • Accessory to First Degree Robbery x2
  • Accessory to Robbery x3
  • Arson x1
  • Assault x1
  • Assault & Battery x1
  • Assault with Deadly Firearm x1
  • Assault with Deadly Weapon x21
  • Attempted Jailbreak x1
  • Attempted Manslaughter x3
  • Attempted Murder of a Gov Employee x2
  • Attempted Murder of a Government Employee x12
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x5
  • Battery x1
  • Battery on a Peace Officer x1
  • Brandishing non Firearm x2
  • Burglary x3
  • Criminal Possession of Government-issued Firearm x4
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x58
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x37
  • Criminal Possession of a Taser x1
  • Criminal Sale of a Firearm [Class 1] x1
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x16
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x6
  • Disruption of a Public Utility x2
  • Driving On The Wrong Side of The Road x1
  • Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License x3
  • Escaping Custody x2
  • Evading x14
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x11
  • Failure to Stop x2
  • Felony Trespassing x5
  • First Degree Robbery x6
  • First Degree Speeding x2
  • Grand Theft Auto x9
  • Illegal Turn x2
  • Impersonating a Peace Officer x2
  • Improper Window Tint x1
  • Joyriding x21
  • Kidnapping x17
  • Kidnapping a Gov Employee x1
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine x20
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY or METH x54
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Crack x5
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana x6
  • Negligent Driving x8
  • Obstruction of Justice x4
  • Operating a Motor Vehicle on a Suspended Revoked License x2
  • Possession of Dirty Money in the Second Degree x2
  • Possession of a Molotov x1
  • Possession of a Silencer or Suppressor x3
  • Receiving Stolen Property in the First Degree x1
  • Receiving Stolen Property in the Second Degree x1
  • Receiving Stolen Property in the Third Degree x1
  • Reckless Driving x5
  • Reckless Evading x36
  • Removed Weapons License x2
  • Resisting Arrest x37
  • Robbery x20
  • Tampering With a Vehicle x2
  • Third Degree Speeding x5
  • Trespassing x1
  • Unauthorized Parking x1
  • Unlawful Imprisonment x3
  • Vandalism of Government Property x1

Drivers License: In Good Staning (Valid)

(updated on 26/07/2010)

Criminal record from 17/11/2019

As of December 6th, 2020 Al Saab's record has been expunged and all prior convictions have been terminated from the city's database.


Trivia & Notes

  • Saab often says his first name in a way that would sound like "El" instead of "Al".
  • Despite being known to all, there's only a handful of people who call Al Saab by his first name. Them being Choi Zhangsun, Conan Clarkson, Ramee El-Rahman, Andrew Ducksworth, Breezy, Jack Ripley and Chips Ahoy. During the beginning of their relationship, Saab would ask Brenda, "What's my first name?". Brenda pretends she doesn't know it, and calls him "Saab Saab" (although she said Al a few times.) However, Brenda started to say Al more often after she started working at the police station.
  • Saab was featured in a track (Titty Grabber) with infamous rapper Maximilian "Yung Dab" Thoroughbred.
  • Along with Brenda, Saab is also known to be a walking punching bag at times. For example, Lang Buddha, Vinny Pistone, and Melbert Rickenbacker made fun of Saab at a fight club by bringing up his murderous past involving a woman, even though he didn't do it. The biggest difference between the two is that Saab usually tries to get revenge by violence, while Brenda usually tries to ignore it.
  • Saab usually likes to take his victims to the lighthouse or the mountains as a way to interrogate or to threaten someone. It is also a chance that he might kill someone at these locations (if he loses his temper.) This is called the "Saab Special."
  • Saab stated he has a curse where every girl that he dated has been dead or missing. Brenda is the 8th and last girl and there were points in time where she hasn't been in the city for a while. This could be a reason why the majority of the people think that Saab is a serial woman killer.
  • Saab mentioned that his citizen ID accidentally say female on it.
  • Saab likes to refer himself as the "driver of the year" of 2019. However, Tony was the one that won that title and Saab didn't make it on the list.
  • At one point, Saab tried and wanted to make a racetrack called, "The Brenda Special," but it was never officially completed. The track layout was suppose to around the area of the hospital and Benny's.
  • There could be a chance that Saab has been kidnapped the most out of the entire Leanbois. The well known kidnappers for Saab would be:
    1. Otto Delmar, when Saab took the blame for killing Jackie (Otto's girlfriend) even though Buddha killed her. As a result, Saab was shot multiple times.
    2. Tim Lee, when the Leanbois shot him for pulling his gun out during a hostage situation. As a result, Tim shot Brenda multiple times in front of Saab (in handcuffs) and after screaming her name, Saab was shot multiple times.
    3. Chang Gang, after Chang decided to tax people for robbing the jewelry store and the vault. As a result, the Chang Gang kidnapped Saab as well as stabbing him multiple times, peeing on him, and blowing him up on a gas tank.
    4. The Angels, when Saab killed Cassie's brother (although she didn't really care about him.) As a result, they kidnapped him and force him to give them weapons in order to spare his life.
  • In the Chang Gang, Saab's counterpart would most likely be Vinny due to the fact that they are always in meetings, giving out money to their families, and occasionally flirt with other people (unless if Saab is in a relationship.) Saab's secondary counterpart can occasionally be Ramee due to having brain-dead moments in certain situations.
  • Saab was known as a snitch when he first came to Los Santos. Buddha almost wanted to kill Saab for snitching on him, but Tony and Avon convinced Buddha not to.
  • People think that Saab has over 5 different laughs.
  • Saab owns a custom 6STR ZR380, which along with Tony's Gauntlet, were the first vehicles to be bought from the old Tuner Shop. During the LB vs. CG war, Chang Gang removed all of its upgrades to give themselves an edge, costing Saab 40K+, which made him very upset.
  • Sometimes, people would confuse Joe Caine with Saab.
  • During the summer time of 2019, Saab was dressed up as an officer stripper and he named himself Officer Braabson. When he was dating Brenda, she encouraged him to save the outfit and she would have random dreams about it (sometimes.)


Played By: Ssaab
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