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AirX Flight School is a company that provides various flight services throughout Los Santos.


AirX is owned by Jackie Snow. Knowing their passion, skill, and experience for flying, Bryce Miller, Tony Corleone, and Olivia Copper were the first to be recruited into the flight school. Bryce was hired as Flight Chief/Manager and Instructor of AirX. Tony and Copper were also hired as Flight Instructors.

AirX Flight School operates out of Fort Zancudo military base. The flight school currently owns one Jobuilt Velum fixed-wing aircraft and one Maibatsu Frogger civilian helicopter.

AirX with the partnership of Sionis Industries has purchased a decommissioned turboprop military transport plane The Titan for $500,000. According to the agreement AirX operates the Titan during the weekdays for skydiving and Sionis Industries operates it during the weekends for their transport business. The Titan currently is only allowed to land at the Fort Zancudo base or the Aircraft Carrier.

Flight Services & Cost Breakdown

AirX Flight School offers various flight services such as:

  • Helicopter and Fixed Wing Aircraft training - On successful completion the trainee will be eligible to obtain a Pilots License.
  • Air Tours (PogAirs Tours) - Tours around the city of Los Santos either by Helicopter or Fixed-Wing Aircraft.
  • Skydiving Tours - Each session could be used for upto three jumps.
  • TitanFall/TitanJump - Skydiving tours done with The Titan.
  • Advertisement - Advertise using a blimp.
  • Private Events.
🧾Cost Breakdown🧾
Services Provided Amount
Helicopter Package $30,000 + tax
Fixed Wing Aircraft Package $35,000 + tax
Tours (Group of 3 or less) $750+ tax (per person)
Tours (Group of 4 or more) $500+ tax (per person)
Skydiving Tours (Group of 3 or less) $2000+ tax (per person)
Skydiving Tours (Group of 4 or more) $1500+ tax (per person)
TitanFall/TitanJump TBD
Blimp Advertisement TBD
Private Events TBD
Drones $100,000 + tax

If the individual buying the packages doesnt have a clean record then they'll have to pay $50,000 + tax and $55,000 + tax for Heli and Fixed-Wing respectively.

AirX Flight School Roster

✈AirX Flight School Roster✈
✈AirX Flight Instructor CallSigns✈
Instructor Name CallSign
Jackie Snow Falcon Heavy
Bryce Miller AirClawOne
Olivia Copper Meteor 1
Jazz Ryder Eclipse-1
Dawn Hearte AirDawn
Hal Apenyo Albatross
Dan Faily AirOnOne
Kareem Lyon N/A
Tupac Shakur AirShakur
Jenny Schildt N/A
Matthew Espinoz Air-1 Andy
Simon Riley N/A
Bobbi Russel N/A
Kevin Ram N/A
Novah Walker N/A
Frank Williams N/A
Beau Spencer N/A
Kyle Rogain N/A
Jacob Eversten N/A
Jason Bach N/A
Gandalf Butters N/A
James Barnes N/A
Shane Powers N/A
Tony Corleone Duck-1
Tommy Cruizer N/A
Alexander Blake N/A
Mila Smoak N/A
Muse Ike AirSmiley
Tsury Nanakaze N/A
Guy Lucero N/A
Jeffy Coldiron N/A
Giuseppe Amato N/A
Dante Wolf AlphaWolfOne
Kevin Keyte N/A
Jenny Ondamic N/A
Rivington Rivera N/A
Scruffy Doodle N/A

Aircraft Inventory

Aircraft Inventory
Vehicle Type Status Note

Jobuilt Velum

Multirole Active Used for Flight Training, Skydiving and Tours.

The Titan

Transport Active Used for Skydiving (Titan Fall/Titan Jump).


Multirole Active Used for Advertisement.

Maibatsu Frogger

Multirole Active Used for Flight Training, Skydiving and Tours.

Former Employees

AirX Commercials and Promos