Ai Musori is a character role-played by Saiiren


Ai Musori is a Chinese-Japanese woman seeking to improve her English-speaking skills. Despite her name being a pun on "I'm sorry", her outrageous antics say differently. These include: randomly punching people or objects, sexual innuendos, or rude interruptions. Those not acquainted with her strange and impulsive behavior may find her offensive, but friends and co-workers who've spent time with her understand that she is truly oblivious and only means well.

Early Life

Ai was disowned by her parents for unknown reasons, and came to Los Santos to start a new life on a work visa. She went to Cunnilingus school (Culinary School), and lives by the motto "When customer happy Ai happy" .

Burger Shot

Ai came to Los Santos, and was given a job at the local Burger Shot. This is where she was given the nickname "Bitch" by Kevin Whipaloo. Since he could not pronounce her name, and for some unknown reason kept mistaking her name with a police siren. Ai not really knowing what this meant due to her limited English went with it. At Burger Shot she gained a reputation as a very hard worker, and became known as one of the hardest working people in Los Santos. Despite the constant chaos, shootings, and robberies she endured. For the period of about 4 days Ai "soloed" the at the time busy Burgershot, and started to become displeased at the lack of organization. Abdul AlRahim a good friend of hers saw her growing frustration and started to help her with the night shift. It was around this time when Ai met the The Guild.

Ai struck up a friendship with Lando "Stromboner" and Yager "Demoncum". The former became romantically infatuated with her sending her upwards of 30 left on read text messages a day. While the latter appreciated the free doughnuts "rimjobs" she would give him. Because of this friendship she was one of the only Burgershot employees that never did anything negative towards Rooster's Rest,or any of their employees during their feud. During the feud with Burgershot she mostly kept her head down, and tried to improve Burger Shot from the inside, as opposed to attacking the competition. The main thing she noticed during the feud was that Burgershot was too busy fighting and backstabbing on each other to really work as a team so she started to look elsewhere.

After seeing Burgershot as a "hopeless shitshow", she was invited to work at the Rooster Rest by Lando After a long talk with Abdul AlRahim she had a meting with Lang Buddha, in which she did her hidden egg trick for the first time. and became a trainee at the Rooster's Rest

Rooster's Rest

Ai was trained at the Rooster's Rest by Lando. 🥚

Ai enjoys the less stressful, safer, and more organized environment of the Rooster's Rest . She generates a lot of customers when working, and twatting she is there during the night shift. She seemingly highly respects the security there due to the fact they are actually competent, and keep the place safe.

Relationship with Management :

Lang Buddha

Lang decided that he did not want to call her "Bitch" anymore because "We empower women here, and it was a stupid name" that Kevin Whiapoor gave her. So he gave her the name of Egg. Even though she was given a position at the Rooster's Rest, Lang had his reservations about her. This was mostly due various people mostly Donny attributing things Oki Doki said or did to Ai. Moreover, Outto-Tune Tyrone calling her a traitor. on her first day. (While them being unaware of the beef they had at Burgershot). Lead Lang to be very suspicious of her. Even though Lang is suspicious of her, he is protective of her. Ai invested $150,000 into the Rooster's Ranch. It seems like Land is starting to warm up to her.

Petunia Brookshire

Petunia is also suspicious of her because she asked for keys on her first day. This was a misunderstanding Ai has no knowledge of the basement , thinks its just a restaurant, and did not want to get locked in alone during the nightshift. Petunia also mistakenly attributes Ai's shyness towards her as suspicious, and the fact that the two seldom cross paths only adds to this. The whole situation is almost comical since Ai far more similar to her (in her British form) than most people realize. During the "Rooster's rest Shitgate" Petunia expressed regret on her being hired. Though Petunia is not aware that the CIA has found no evidence of any wrong doing. The two however get along.

Ellie Dono

Ellie has had the most interaction with her, of any of the bosses at the Rooster's Rest. Ai is very found of Ellie and seemingly looks up to her. Lando even suggested that Ai should marry Ellie and not him.

Relationship with other employees:

Ai tends to get along well with most of the people of the Rooster's rest. She is very cautious however of former Burgershot employees, until they learn the way of the cock. This is due to their tendency to fight with each other, and not work as a family.

Concussion Arc

Ai fell off the roof of the Rooster's Rest while doing a security sweep since then any time she is hurt she will switch one of four personalities. The brain damge will be healed once Ai gets a brain transplant. The personalities are as follows.

  • Bitch/Egg - The dominant personality
  • British Ai - A proper well spoken lady with an English accent
  • Japanese Ai- In this form Ai speaks in almost all Japanese and is very bubbly.
  • Watt- This personally is an extremely deranged open sociopath who's goal is to murder Lando Stromborn.

The Guild

Ai is an associate of the Guild, and expressed interest in becoming a "real nerd". She was given the adventuring name "Thunderock" because legend says she can perfectly imitate Pikachu.

Her class is Hunter the guild color she is associated with is yellow, and her full title is " Ai Musori, Layer of the Eggs, Wielder of the Betch Curse, Element of the Thundercock.

Ai's favorite thing to do in the city is go on quests with the Guild.

Her current quests are:

  • To gain the trust of "Lang Booba". ( It seems like Lang is starting to trust her.)
  • Make smart investments, ( Made an 150,000 investment into the Rooster's Ranch)
  • Get a motorbike of her own,

Relationship with Guild Members :


"Stormboner" The guild member that knows her the best, and has spent the most time with her is Lando. While the two seem to be a couple this is not the case, they are just very very very gooo friends. He often goes on duo adventures with Ai, and they are often seen brainstorming ways to improve the Rooster's Rest. She is seem riding "bitch" on the back of Lando's Mount Strom almost every day. Lando guides her in the ways of the Guild, and in turn Ai provides a lot of fun for him during the nighttime hours. While they tease each other a lot they really care for one another. When Lando thought someone had kidnaped her once was willing to find the person and murder them.

When both on the steed "Storm" their powers combine and they become : " Storm Cock Thunder Boner".


"Gloryhole": Ai and Gloryon get along really well. Ai often loans him money which he never pays back. She also enjoys going on rides in the BBC big big carriage. ( Burt's RV).

Yager Demonblood

"Demoncum" : Ai and Yager often Duo the Rooster's rest during the late night hours. While Yager yells at her all the time, its obvious that Yager sees her as a party member. Even though Ai has offered to help Yager with his bike payments, Yager always refuses.


Lars often goes with Lando and AI on their adventures. Lars calls Ai "Egghead" because he thinks she is very smart. Tommy thinks she is not smart at all. Lars has tried on more than on occasion to teach Ai about the Stormlord, and each time they have been interrupted by a chaotic circumstance. Ai and Lando often unwittingly cockblock Lars and Riley. She has spent more time with Bjorn than any other guild member save for Lando.


"Battlecock" : Stagdancer tries to avoid Egg's constant rambling, and refers to Ai as "Degenegg" , though they both share a love of motorbikes. Even though her constant rambling get's on his nerves, he is always willing to help and protect her.

Leyla Nightingale

"Lily" : Ai and Leyla get along well, and share a special relationship as they are the only female members of The Guild


"Meow Meow" : While Ai seldom sees Clyde , and is always asks "Where did Meow Meow go?'

Chut McMillan

"Shet" : Ai and Chut are the only active unchosen members of the Guild. This has resulted in them holding down the Rooster's Rest together while the rest of the Guild is on a special mission from one of the Emperors. Their hijinks together in the kitchen always have the customers of the Rooster's Rest leaving with a smile on their face.


Alabaster Slim

"Anal blaster Slim" is her favorite motherfucker. (Kyle Pred her least favorite motherfucker). Ai's favorite co-worker during her time at Burgershot was Slim. They would often tag team roast customers that were acting up.

Erin Cox

Yup Erin Cox. Ai and Erin are a super high energy duo that have a lot of fun together. Ai and Erin were good friends long before Erin started to work at the Rooster's Ranch. Erin once tricked Ai into taking Oxy. Erin will also sometimes call Ai up and ask her to sing her a good morning song. Erin calls Ai Dad because she is "Son of Bitch" Erin wants her to work on the ranch with her, but Ai even though offered has not accepted a position there yet.

Abdul AlRahim

Abdul showed Ai the ropes of the city , and really appreciates time they spend together. She often talks about the time where she and Abdul almost drowned hunting when their care was submerged. While Ai was trying to help an injured Abdul into the car she drove the car into the water when and it sank. They were rescued by EMS where Ai said " The car became a plane then a boat and then a submarine".

Day in the Life Series

When none of the Guild Members are awake Ai will often choose to experience the day in the life of someone she finds interesting. Will call them and say "I want to see what a day in your life is like"


Ai's first day in the life was with 4T. While the two had interacted before during her time at Burgershot. Ai found 4T very interesting and called up a 4T taxi, She asked 4T if she could experience a day in her life. Unknowingly at that same moment 4T was looking for someone to help her during one of her dates with Bike guy. 4T asked her to hide in a bush and be the wind, and help give suggestions to Bike guy. Charming him like a Siren's call in order for their date to succeed. Ai gave 4T flowers to give to him as well as shoes. Ai gave him suggestions and sang songs in the bush. Which seemed to be successful.

After the date Bike guy, Ai , and 4T were confronted by ninjas! Bike guy quickly disposed of them in a fist fight. ( Unknowingly the ninjas were trying to wing man bike guy just like Ai was a wingman for 4T) .

After the Ninja's left 4T wanted to get more information about what the ninja's knew about Bike Guy. So Ai and 4T decided to infiltrate the ninja clan. 4T became a mute ninja and wore a red thundercock jumpsuit. Ai chose the ninja name "Bukage. and gave 4T the ninja name "Karage" When the ninja's asked why the Red ninja did not talk Ai told them : "The red ninja only talks when the moon is full and the stars align beware the Bukage and Karage".

The Ninja's were given various tasks. The first was the rob the Burgershot of food. Ai created a distraction with her "finger gun" and 4T was able to slip in the back window and pull of a super clean heist. The police were called, but they were able to evade capture. The second task was to learn ninja skills. 4T thought her some basic sneaking skills while the ninja's thought her hand to hand combat.

The third task was to steal $100 from Hayes Auto repair shop. Ai and 4T created a distraction so the ninja could get away after scamming the worker. During the getaway the Ninja's thought 4T had been left behind. So Ai went to get her, and being a worse driver than 4T accidently hit the worker at speeds exceeding 60 mph. The worker survived, but Ai felt really guilty about it.

Their Fourth task was to find the white ninjas, this task was interrupted by random people mistaking them for someone who punched their granny. The group of people held them at gunpoint. As they were being held up a police officer arrived, then six other squad cars responded. The ninja's were cleared of any wrongdoing by Kyle Pred . 4T and Ai Naruto ran away.

While Ai did not earn a number from 4T this day, she continues to try, and has been looking out for 4T behind the scenes even if 4T is unaware of it (during the human meat investigation.) Like a true ninja helping her in the shadows. While Ai is a bit scared of 4T she came to the realization that "4T is likely not as bad as people say she is". However will still not interrupt 4T when she is with one of her friends

Robert Spowylamywanowski

Ai knew Robert from her time in the Burgershot. Knowing that Robert was down bad, she wanted to see how he was doing now that he was homeless. Robert took her to the apartments, and taught her how to beg. To Ai's surprise she made more begging as a fake homeless than a shift at the Rooster's Rest.

Ai saw this as normal Robert nonsense.

Mari Posa

Ai has known Mari for quite a while, and Mari was looking someone to "go move house with" . Even though Ai was scared of getting in trouble went along with Mari. Mari explained to how to commit breaking and entering, and all the rules. She also explained no to rob houses in the Vagos territory, and the way of the barrio. Ai used her ninja outfit , and made up a cover story if the police came. Their cover story was that : Mari was helping her get away from her abusive sugar daddy, and if they asked why she was dressed as a ninja she would explain that the Sugar Daddy had a kink for " little Asian ninjas". They pulled of various robberies, and made about 6k on their first. They even got a dongle and were going to rob the Fleeca , but Ai had to go to sleep.

Mari gave Ai a taste of the excitement of the life of a criminal....but if this makes Ai turn to a life of crime is yet to be seen.

Tony Andrews

After being caught and detained in a stolen car with Mari and Erin, and released. Tropper Andrews put all three of the girls into a scared straight program. So that Ai could keep her clean record. Mari Erin and Ai became Tropper Andrews's Angels, and will ride along with him.


  • "My first name 'Ai', my last name 'Musori'. But you can call me 'Bitch'."
  • "Good bitch by day, bad bitch by night."
  • "Wicked!"
  • "I do for you."
  • "Very good."
  • "What mean this? / What this mean?"
  • "You want me giving you rimjob?"
  • "No, Ai Musori."
  • "I'm 50% Japanese, 50% Chinese, and 100% Bitch."
  • "Glory, to your cock!"
  • "Cock!"
  • "Sting like a butterfly, spray like a beaver"
  • "When the moon is full and the stars align beware the Bukage and Karage"


  • "Bitch" is her given nickname by her former boss, Kevin Whipaloo, and co-workers at Burger Shot.
  • "Egg" is her given nickname by Lang Buddha, and co-workers at the Rooster's Rest
  • Ai Musori claims that she has "muscle spasms" after punching someone citing a doctor's note from Dr. Dre.
  • Knows a magic trick where she can lay an egg, and also, make it disappear again. 🥚
  • She is the source of the name 'rimjobs' for donuts and the introduction of creampies to the Burger Shot.
  • She was of the richest civilian citizens of Los Santos and at one point had close to $200,000 in her bank account.
  • She was the first and for a long time only ex-Burgershot Employee at the Rooster's Rest
  • Coincidently has waited alone outside of the Rooster's Rest during every Stromlord appearance, and is completely unaware of his existence
  • When dressed as a Ninja will sometime change her voice, becomes serious, and have far better English.
  • Ai holds the record of the longest it took anyone to get keys to the Rooster Rest at a time of almost three weeks.
  • Many citizens of Los Santos speculate that she is a long lost daughter of Lang Buddha. Many citizens describe her as a "female Lang"
  • Has soloed Rooster's Rest on multiple occasions.
  • Has never seen Kill Bill
  • Her ninja outfit was designed with the help of 4T.


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