Agnes Ranbough is a character role-played by Crunchy

Description Edit

Dr. Agnes is a doctor and the Coroner at Pillbox Medical Center. She has a weird sense of style and a "crazy" personality. Dr. Agnes is known for her "unconventional" treatments. She often offers to remove patient's body parts or harvest organs for medical use.

Brain Transplants Edit

Chips Ahoy Edit

After contracting HIV Chips Ahoy went to Pillbox seeking treatment. His hair was malding and his skin was turning red, and he feared he was dying. Chips underwent a drastic body swap surgery by Dr. AgnesHis brain was transplanted into the braindead body of an elderly woman. The transplant was a success and Chips became an old woman. Meanwhile, Dr. Agnes is working to rid his old body of the infection.

Sonya Summers Edit

Sonya was infected with HIV and sought help from Dr. Agnes. Agnes advised Sonya that she'd need to transplant her brain into a host body until her infected body was cured. They went to the morgue and stole the corpse of the man Sonya murdered, lawyer Chris McGrawl. Agnes then transplanted Sonya's brain into McGrawl's body, she told Sonya it would take at least 2 weeks to cure the infection. 

 Quotes Edit

  • "Risse up serve that dark overlord"
  • "Healing Spray!"
  • "The Government captured this alien back in 70's and they keep it behind this door. So just come over here and breathe in these alien fumes. I do it everyday."

Trivia Edit

  • She keeps her pet tarantula under her top hat.
  • She has a pimp outfit and has gotten in a slap fight with Alabaster Slim.
  • Agnes consumes her breakfast through insufflation.
  • Agnes consumes pills on a regular bases as part of a balanced diet.
  • She often offers to bring injured patients to the morgue.
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