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Adrienne West was a character role-played by Evee.


Adrienne West was the former District Attorney of Los Santos, and later worked as a criminal defense attorney for the Department of Justice. After being separated since they were eight years old, Adrienne recently discovered that Brittany Angel is her fraternal twin sister.


At six years old, Adrienne and her sister, Brittany Angel, were forcibly removed from their parents, and placed in a group home for young children. This was an extremely traumatic event for both sisters, and two years later they were separated and sent to live in different households on opposite ends of the country.

When Adrienne was 18 years old, her adoptive parents kicked her out, and she was forced to temporarily live on the streets. Shortly after, she discovered a life of crime, and became the sixth "Mime Queen". The reigning "Mime King", Jayce Rite, still wants her dead for defecting from the Mimes.

Adrienne West has been tied to several kidnappings, disappearances, and murders. She was under investigation for her involvement in such events, as well as her involvement with the HOA.

Current Events

Adrienne West was a former criminal, albeit not a very good one. She was also the sixth former "Mime Queen" of Los Santos, but quit after being stabbed by Melbert Rickenbacker in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. After her brief stint as a criminal, she cleaned up her criminal record and worked for Judge Aaron Byson, before getting Bar certified. After completing the expungement program, she joined the District Attorney's Office as an Assistant District Attorney. She worked her way up the corporate ladder for two months, and was then promoted to the District Attorney of Los Santos.

In early October 2019, Adrienne West was kidnapped by Chang Gang, on the orders of Bovice Wilkinson. However, the kidnapping was botched, and her best friend, Kermit Delaw, was murdered in the process. The following night, she was kidnapped by Arthur Hammond ("The Doctor") and Gomer Colton, who used Adrienne as bait to lure Bovice out from hiding. The night ended with Adrienne and "The Doctor" brutally torturing Bovice.

Immediately after, Adrienne resigned from her position as District Attorney, and underwent a complete mental breakdown. Her breakdown was made worse when Bodean Tucker, handcuffed Adrienne and forced her to look at Kermit's corpse. She had a meltdown, and was promptly placed on a "51-50 hold" at Parsons Rehabilitation Center.

It was here that she began her friendship with Raja Bahadur and Jessie Skid.

Adrienne was released from Parsons on November 19th, 2019, and became a criminal defense lawyer. Additionally, she was a part of the Valkyrie Legal Law Firm, along with Summer Mersion. Adrienne was considered the de facto criminal defense attorney for the HOA.

She briefly escaped to Russia after being told by Officer Tucker that she was a suspect in an attempted double homicide but has returned to San Andreas to assist Larry Hallow as a special prosecutor in The People v Chasity Dawes and to try and track down Jessie Skid's killer. However, this quest was interrupted by Deputy Tucker alerting Adrienne that she was under investigation in regards to the second kidnapping and subsequent torture of Bovice Wilkinson.

Notable Cases

During her tenure as a Senior Attorney in San Andreas, Ms. West had tried dozens of cases. These are the ones that stand out the most.

Assistant District Attorney:

  • The People v Ronald Juggler - On April 16th, 2019 Ronald "Red" Juggler was facing a single count of drug trafficking. During the subsequent raid of Mr. Juggler's property, over 250+ weapons were seized. It is considered the single largest weapons bust in San Andreas. The case was tried before a jury, who found Mr. Juggler not guilty after being paid off by Vinny Pistone. It was Adrienne's first case as a lawyer and an Assistant District Attorney.

District Attorney:

  • The People v Kurt Leonard - On July 25th, 2019 Deputy Kurt Leonard was charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder after the near-fatal shooting of Curtis Swoleroid. This was the first time capital charges were brought against a police officer in Los Santos. Deputy Leonard was found guilty and served 40 months in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. He was later murdered by David Barker.
  • The People v Iroquois Pliskin - On August 3rd, 2019 Iroquois Pliskin was facing a laundry list of charges totaling an $85,000 fine and a life sentence in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. He was subsequently found guilty on all charges. Unfortunately, Mr. Pliskin was recently broken out of prison and is currently at large.
  • The People v David Barker - On August 25th, 2019 David Barker was charged with First Degree Murder on a Peace Officer, amongst other charges, for his involvement in the fatal shooting of Deputy Kurt Leonard. David Barker was originally looking at life in prison. Mr. Barker agreed to plead guilty to all charges. His defense attorney, Lawrence Splainer and the late Assistant District Attorney Nora Dupres signed a plea agreement that would place Mr. Barker in prison for life with the possibility of parole, but Adrienne West went behind Ms. Dupre's back and told Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre that the District Attorney's Office will be seeking the death penalty instead. Fearing a public backlash, Ms. West requested Judge LaBarre keep her involvement hidden. Mr. Barker was subsequently put to death via firing squad and was pronounced dead at 22:45 the same day.
  • The People v Uchiha Jones - On August 28th, 2019 Officers responded to a "shots fired" call in the Jamestown area. During the shootout, an individual shot and killed Deputy Tony Tiger. Several charges, including first degree murder, were brought against Uchiha Jones for his involvement in the fatal shooting. He was found guilty and served 8 years in Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

Criminal Defense Attorney:

  • Siz Fulker: Appeal - On December 5th, 2019 Siz Fulker appealed single counts of kidnapping, attempted murder, resisting arrest, and battery. This would be Adrienne's first case with Summer Mersion, who she had partnered with to form Valkyrie Legal. Several police officers witnessed Mr. Fulker attempt to execute Tsury Nanakaze by shooting him in the head point-blank. However, due to conflicting police reports, Mr. Fulker was found not guilty of attempted murder.
  • The People v Denzel Williams - On December 9th, 2019 Denzel Williams plead guilty to the murder of Deputy Michael Dias. Mr. Williams ignored the advice of Ms. West, who was vehemently against a guilty plea and wanted to fight it in court. He served 60 years in prison.
  • The People v "Crimson Boomers" - On December 22nd, 2019 Fred Bodini, Julio Thomas, and Siz Fulker were facing terrorism charges. However, all of the evidence required for the trial was lost and all charges were dropped by the District Attorney's Office.

Special Prosecutor:

  • The People v Chasity Dawes - On February 15th, 2020 Chasity Dawes was facing 24 counts of attempted murder. Adrienne West and Larry Hallow prosecuted the case on behalf of the District Attorney's Office. The judges found her guilty but reduced the 24 counts of attempted murder down to 24 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. Ms. Dawes was sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary until she has been deemed fit by a psychiatrist to re-enter society.
  • The People v Jordan Steele - On March 18th, 2020 Adrienne West and Assistant District Attorney Larry Hallow teamed together to bring a single count of first-degree murder against ex-police officer, Jordan Steele. The duo was successful and Jordan Steele was found guilty of murdering his ex-wife, Kayden Dell'Anno. The trial was later appealed on the grounds that Murphy Braun did not do his due diligence as a lawyer. The District Attorney's Office was given the option to refile charges and has declined to do so. Because of this decision, this is the last case that Adrienne will practice as a special prosecutor.


  • The People v Chang et al - On October 20th, 2019 Adrienne West was summoned to be a witness against Mr. Chang, Vinny Pistone, Mario Le-Pipe, and Uchiha Jones for the murder of the late Assistant District Attorney, Kermit Delaw. Unfortunately, Ms. West was considered mentally unstable at the time due to the trauma she sustained from the failed kidnapping attempt. She was unable to testify. The defendants were found not guilty.

Kill List

  1. David Barker - Adrienne fought especially hard to make sure he received the death penalty after he pleaded guilty to the murder of Kurt Leonard. He was executed via firing squad on August 25th, 2019.
  2. Jason Alexander - With the help of her boyfriend, Raja Bahadur, Adrienne stabs Jason after a failed kidnapping and extortion attempt. He is pronounced dead December 6th, 2019.
  3. Sammy Christ - Sammy stabbed Gregory Stonefinger and in an attempt to protect herself and Fred Bodini, Adrienne stabbed Sammy in the neck and left him in the ocean. He was pronounced dead on February 11th, 2020.
  4. Jayce Rite - Jayce is the Mime Lord of Los Santos, with Adrienne being the former Mime Queen. He threatened to murder her if she ever defected, and to protect herself, Adrienne wants to strike first.
  5. Thomas DeWayne aka The Narrator- Fred Bodini attempted to kidnap and kill The Narrator (after Thomas tried to kidnap Adrienne) but he was able to escape. In retaliation, Thomas threatened to kill Adrienne. Raja Bahadur and Adrienne have been trying to track Thomas down to exact their own brand of revenge.
  6. Allen Widemann - Allen and Adrienne used to be best friends until Adrienne discovered that Allen assisted those responsible for the murder of former ADA Kermit Delaw (Allen's brother). With the help of her boyfriend, Adrienne will not stop until she has murdered Allen and avenged Kermits death.
  7. Stacey Doyle - Adrienne West recently found out that Stacey kidnapped, robbed, and threatened to extort her junior attorney, Lachlan Pike. Because Adrienne is particularly protective of her "baby attorneys" this sent her into a rage and she wants revenge against Stacey.
  8. Reginald Porter - Adrienne was in the middle of decorating her and Raja's house when she caught an intruder in their bedroom. She quickly handcuffed Reginald and interrogated him, asking why he was in their house. He claimed to not know what was going on but Adrienne did not believe him. She repeatedly stabbed Reginald and went so far as to saw both of his arms off before dragging his body outside and leaving him into a bush. He was pronounced dead on April 9th, 2020. Shortly after, Raja came home and helped her clean up the crime scene.
  9. Pogg Dann - Pogg Dann recently started to harass Adrienne over twitter, going so far as threatening to stab her the next time he saw her. Raja saw this and got angry at Pogg for "threatening his woman". The couple, with the help of the HOA, kidnapped Pogg and brought him to the winery. There they proceeded to torture him before Adrienne stabbed him in the neck. #MurderBuddies


Adrienne West was murdered on October 10th, 2020 after she was kidnapped by Mike Block, Four Tee, Chuck Ragan, and Robbie Bobbie. They kidnapped her and brought her to the top of the vault, with Mike Block convinced that Adrienne was Judge Jessica Wesker and demanded that she either fix a banking error or be thrown off the ledge. They refused to believe her when she denied being a judge, pleading repeatedly that she was just a defense attorney. After being told to "drop her" by an officer, Mike Block threw Adrienne over the side where she plummeted multiple stories to the ground below. She died due to the severe injuries she sustained from the heightened fall.

The individuals responsible for her murder were arrested and tried before Judge Coyote, with Mike Block, Four Tee, Chuck Ragan, and Robbie Bobbie all being charged with first degree murder, kidnapping, and extortion. After an emotionally wrought court case in which Mike Block bragged about her murder multiple times and stated he felt zero remorse, the individuals were eventually found guilty on all charges. Their sentences, however, left much to be desired for the friends and family of Adrienne West. For his role in the heinous crime, Mike Block received only a 7-year sentence with no parole. Four Tee was held in Parsons on a 51-50 until she could receive psychiatric rehabilitation. Robbie Bobbie and Chuck Ragan, as accomplices, received lighter sentences of 2 years and 5 years respectively, both with no parole.

Criminal Record

  1. Contempt of court x 1
  2. Reckless Driving x 1


Played By: Evee
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