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Adrienne West is a Ex-Criminal and Ex-District Attorney turned Lawyer, role-played by Evee2Point0

Description Edit

Adrienne West is the former District Attorney of Los Santos and currently works as a criminal defense attorney for the Department of Justice. After being separated since they were eight years old, Adrienne recently discovered that Brittany Angel is her fraternal twin sister.

Current Events Edit

Adrienne West is a former criminal, albeit not a very good one. She is also the sixth former Mime Queen of Los Santos and quit after being stabbed by Melbert Rickenbacker in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. After her brief stint as a criminal, she cleaned up her criminal record and worked for Judge Aaron Byson before getting bar certified. After completing the expungement program she joined the District Attorney's Office as an Assistant District Attorney. She worked her way up the corporate ladder for two months and was then promoted to the District Attorney of Los Santos.

In early October 2019 Adrienne West was kidnapped by Chang Gang on the orders of Bovice Wilkinson. However, the kidnapping was botched and her best friend, Kermit Delaw, was murdered in the process. The following night, she was kidnapped by The Doctor and Gomer Colton who used Adrienne as bait to lure Bovice out from hiding. The night ended with Adrienne and The Doctor brutally torturing Bovice.

Immediately after, Adrienne resigned from her position as District Attorney and underwent a complete mental breakdown. Her breakdown was made worse when Bodean Tucker, handcuffed Adrienne and forced her to look at the Kermit's corpse. She had a meltdown and was promptly placed on a 51-50 hold at Parsons.

It was here that she began her friendship with Raja Bahadur and Jessie Skid.

Adrienne was released from Parsons on 11/19/19 and is currently a criminal defense lawyer. Additionally, she is apart of Valkyrie Law Firm with Summer Mersion.

Backstory Edit

At six years old, Adrienne and her sister, Brittany Angel, were forcibly removed from their parents and placed in a group home for young children. This was an extremely traumatic event for both sisters and two years later they were separated and sent to live in different households on opposite ends of the country.

When Adrienne was 18 years old, her adoptive parents kicked her out and she was forced to temporarily live on the streets. Shortly after, she discovered a life of crime and became the sixth Mime Queen. The reigning Mime King, Jayce Rite, still wants her dead for defecting from the Mimes.

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