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Adam Prince is a character role-played by Adzzstarr.

General Description

Adam Prince is a Disowned Grandson of the Prince Family which originated in Istanbul, Turkey. Adam was a notorious criminal across Europe before disobeying orders from his Grandfather who was the Head Mafia in Istanbul and the elder of the Prince Family. He fled to Australia to start a new life before being followed and faking his death in Sydney. The faking of his death landed him in Los Santos, San Andreas. Adam began his life looking for a new legal job and ended up working at Premium Deluxe Motorsports (PDM) in March 2020. Throughout his time in Los Santos, Adam became a well-known face around town landing him new opportunities along the way with new Legal jobs and Illegal Affiliations. Adam slowly became friends with Criminal Organisations and members allowing for a long-term relationship in business. Adam's popularity gave him access to Illegal Weapon & Product distribution. His popularity also gave further opportunities to his members at "The Board" which is still active to this day. Adam's number one life motto was "Loyalty" because of his trust issues with old family members in Istanbul, old members of The Board in Sydney and friends and failed relationships in Los Santos.


Played By: Adzzstarr
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