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Adam Peterson is a character role-played by Polen.


General Description
Adam Peterson is widely regarded as one of the top racers and boosters in the city and is a manager at the Six Star Tuner Shop, alongside his position as Head of Sales at Mushkin’s Motors. His infamous nickname, AP, was originally chosen as an alias to join the underground racing scene. However, after quickly making a name for himself, most people in the city recognize him solely as AP, often inciting genuine confusion when they learn his real name. While he still races, he now goes by the alias Orochi and is a member of Yokai, a Japanese-influenced street racing crew. His identity as Orochi, which includes using a voice changer and a custom motorcycle helmet styled after his yokai of choice with his alias displayed on the side of it.
Physical Description
AP is a clean cut man in his mid 20’s and can often be found dressing for the job he’s doing. He has brown hair and dark eyes, and has an average height and build. His signature look when racing or doing other illegal activities usually involves a motorcycle helmet with a blacked-out visor to help protect his identity.

Adam has four new tattoos. One is a a small colored snake on the left side of his neck, The second is a snake wrapped around a katana going down the length of his left arm, The third is the head of a medusa covering the full right arm and The fourth and final one is a large rattle snake coiled around a set of snake eyes dice covered by a warrior in traditional Japanese armor holding a sword in a battle ready pose.

Adam had three old tattoos. One is a rose coming out of a skull on his upper left shoulder, The second is three skulls sitting in a bed of roses wrapped around his lower right arm. He also has two triangles that sit overlapped on his back between his shoulder blades, just below his neck.


Adam, known to the majority of the city as AP, is a soft-spoken guy whose propensity to prioritize others well being and safety over his own often leads him to unfortunate circumstances for himself. While he often observes, when he does finally speak, he is known for blurting out the first thing that comes to his mind. This often results in misunderstandings about his intentions, no matter how well meaning he means them to be. Curiously, when he has time to write out his thoughts, he is incredibly articulate and precise. His “-100 speech” is exasperated when he is in stressful situations where he feels out of control. Because of this, along with his habit early on in the city of saving people at whatever personal cost to him, he is known to criminals and police alike as “The Fall Guy”.

Despite this, AP is truly loyal to those he cares about and will sacrifice himself and his ego to keep those he loves safe. From up the names of some of his closest friends he gave to the puppet Earl to save the life of his girlfriend Mushkin, to saving multiple racers and strangers by pitting and out maneuvering the cops, to telling Mary to forsake him with a bomb strapped to his chest to save her katana and subsequently her memories, “The Fall Guy” remains true to his self sacrificing ways.

As of late The Fall Guy has moved away from his self sacrificial nature for people he does not know keeping people he considers family closer than ever. He has become more reserved as a person not talking as much to people he doesn't know and opting not to speak at all when he would have otherwise been his full of energy and talkative self.


Life Before LS
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New to the City

Trivia, Quirks & Quotes

  • AP will die for the people he cares about he is loyal to the point it causes himself harm and suffering.
  • AP values really highly moments and memories that cant be recreated or reconciled for if missed.
  • When AP's Loyalty, trust, and competency, are questioned it truly hurts him.
  • Polen has stated the 4 people ap would do anything for are Mary Mushkin,Eddie Marshall, Octavio Stenberg, Michael Simone and Mayumi Himura
  • On 4/6/22 while running dodo on bail for 3 HUT charges, Miles Lewis asked ap after all of his time in the city what was the one thing he wishes he could do differently. After pausing for a few moments he replied by saying "giving those names to earl..."
  • On 6/6/22 AP again reaffirmed this by stating to Isabella Carrington, Summer Mersion, W'Kabi Aku, Wayne Marshall that his deepest regret was accepting that mission from earl and giving him those names.
  • AP's infamous "-100 Speech" is actually intentionally put on by Polen.
  • AP has a deathly fear of bikes due to a tragic experience in his past where his father a notorious motorcycle racer and died in horrible accident in a race.
  • On 3/31/22 AP took Olivia Copper's BuzzFeed Quiz the results of which said he is a horse girl.
  • AP was apart of the first successful randomly rolled S+ boost contract.

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