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Adam Ababwa is a character role-played by KhaosAdam.


Adam Ababwa is a 21-year-old British man currently residing in Los Santos. He has black hair and a beard. He also has three tattoos; a butterfly (sometimes referred to as a moth) on his back, a sleeve on his arm and a triangle on his leg. Adam tends to wear sweatpants or tracksuit pants with a shirt, vest and jacket over. Occasionally he puts on his Benidorm-drip or his fishing-drip.


Adam is outgoing and can make conversation with anyone. He has little or no filter and is not afraid to call people out. For that reason, some people might see him as a bit of a dickhead, but this is only a part of his tough exterior. When you get to know him and he learns to trust you (which will take a while because he has trust issues AND is very impatient) he will easily help you out. For his boys, aka the people he trust with his life (doesn't have to be boys, that is just a term), he will help them out. This is seen especially when he is the one to easiest give out loans to the other guys. He might move fast, but he is very dedicated to the group.

He is quick-witted. He often winds people up on purpose and enjoys it. He lives in the now and is very easy going. Adam is good at talking himself out of situations, and has talked himself out of several minor charges.


Adam ran into Dundee whilst running Oxy who gave him a business opportunity of a lifetime. Adam accepted the deal and was in talks with Barry for work.

Adam Ababwa was a Gem Appraiser at Vultur Lé Culturé until he got suspended for buying lower value gems at full price for his friends and taking a cut. In addition to this, he and Moses accidentally hit Curtis while driving. Ultimately it ended in Adam getting shot at the gallery and fired from the job. He was offered his job back when he and the guys went to speak to CG and everyone but Adam got attacked by a panther. He went on strike for a week and was back to working before his disappearance - although he rarely actually do any work. Other than this, he had other jobs, such as being on the security team at Wu Chang. He had also been trying for months to get a job at burger shot but his attempts have been unsuccessful. As a result of his disappearance, he lost all his jobs.

When Adam was not working around the Gallery, he was previously seen hanging around Tucker, Dean and Moses. The four of them together once went on a forum drive in a shootout with local gang GSF. He usually does Oxy runs or rob houses. He has recently expressed that he is tired of the legal life and instead to live life to the fullest, whatever that might mean.

He now usually spends time with Eli Porter, Moses Khan, Dwayne Flores, Patar Bellosh, Dean Quincy, Vince Watson and Tommy Tate, all part of his gang, The Mandem.

He had become involved in the racing scene with Tommy, and the two of them had planned to go half and half on a racing car. Adam had his brain surgery on the 9th of June and was since able to drive.

On the

Adam trademark is '/e fall4', and when he falls he say "DYAAAAHHH" in a shaky voice. When it is smoke season, he changes his appearance.

Adam was "kidnapped by Ukranians" and kept hostage for 4 months and 6 days before Tommy and the Mandem boys found him rotting on an island just off the shore. Since his reappearance, he hesitates to do anything too mad, because he fears that the Ukranians will take him back.

Adam was addicted to NOS before the Ukrainans took him.

Happenings & Special Events

For events including 3 or more Mandem-members that are done in a group/gang manner, see the Mandem wikipage.

  • The Stanky Situation - Adam, Moses and Tommy once got arrested for cutting off Stanky Leg (Gandalf Butters) ear to get revenge for him shooting Tommy's ear. They led him to the "fun room" and got caught when the police was investigating a completely different case involving Chatterbox. They spent a long time in holding cells but was let off when Stanky claimed he was the one instigating it. Adam walked away with a "resisting arrest" charge because he ran out the door when being detained by the police. Adam then later on told Tommy to bring Stanky to Wu Chang where they would be doing some freestyling in the booth, because Tommy and Stanky had made amends. This ended in Molly Minaj getting shot by Stanky because she kept making fun of his freestyle.
  • Tour-bus heist - Moses, Patar, Remy and Adam planned to hire a Los Santos tour-bus to rob the people who went on. Moses was driving the bus and was going to play innocent, while Adam was going to be on the bus as a passenger. Patar and Remy was going to surround them at a gas-station on the outskirts of Los Santos. Tommy got himself involved when he stumbled upon the guys trying to get passengers on and ended up on the bus, albeit he was aware of what was happening. The team successfully robbed the people on the bus, but ultimately lost money on doing it because almost everyone on the bus was new to town.
  • Moses "Proposal" - Adam decided to put the boys through a little "test" one day when they didn't come pick him up at the vault. He held Moses at gunpoint and "kidnapped" him and robbed him. At the same time, Tommy was unaware of how the situation had played out. Adam called him and said he had killed Moses, which was untrue. The whole thing ended in Adam offering Moses 1000$ and asking him to marry him. Unfortunately, Moses declined the proposal.
  • A few of many involvements with the police - Adam Ababwa has many encounters with the police. Amongst many priors, he also has come into trouble with the police where he walked away. For instance, one time, he was out driving with Moses, Remy and Tommy when the police drove up behind them. Adam decided to call out that there were people being kidnapped, while Tommy (who was in the trunk) added fuel to fire by saying help. They were all handcuffed and it ended in Tommy and Remy walking away, while Adam got his unlicensed gun taken away but ultimately got let off with a slap on his wrist for wasting the polices time. Moses ended up in the hospital when a helicopter crashed next to him. Another time, Adam was driving recklessly on a motor-bike on his way to the apartments to sleep when a cop pulled him over in the parking lot. He was handcuffed for "safety" after the trooper had checked his record, but he was ultimately let off because it was late. He once talked himself out of a robbery charge by telling the police that recently people had started hiding guns in their murder-meals.
  • Bank truck robbery - Adam, Moses, Tommy and Remy were arrested for 1st degree robbery when trying to rob a bank-truck. The attempt failed because Moses drove into a dead-end. Moses and Remy were shot by the police, while Adam and Tommy were arrested. Adam and Tommy got accomplice to 1st degree robbery. He spent 30 months in jail and had to pay a 2k fine.
  • Turning himself in - Adam, Moses, Tommy and Dwayne were at the court house to look at their new photos when they saw that Adam was wanted by the police. None of them could understand what is what for and because of their future plans, Adam decided to turn himself in. When he went to turn himself in a lot was happening at the police station so he was told to sit down and wait. Eventually the sheriff came and cuffed him and told him that the warrant was for attempted murder of a PD (of Copper) and resisting arrest. The police said that Adams DNA was found at the scene. Adam remembered he had fucked the lockpick at the house they were robbing earlier which leaves DNA. At this house, Dwayne had shot the cop, Copper, who had turned up to the robbery. The sheriff told him he didn't have enough information to lock him up at this moment, so he had to let him walk. Then the sheriff re-read the evidence and saw that the charge was accomplice instead of actual murder. They found his blood on the scene but know that Adam did not shoot. Adam kept refusing that he had been involved in this and said that he could have hit that house an hour before the other scene happened and therefore not been involved with the shooting incident. He was then put in an interrogation room. The police told him they wanted to raid his apartment. It ended in a 24-hour-hold because no judges or lawyers were about, and Adam didn't plead guilty. He was put in hold in prison. The next day the police raided his apartment and didn't find much of interest. They made him a deal that if he pleaded guilty he would get accessory instead of attempted murder and would walk out of there with a fine. Adam ended up taking the deal.
  • Jail-time for police chase - Remy, Adam and Dwayne were out driving after being at Wu Chang when they got pulled over by the police. They were driving in a stolen car. The trio was spitting bars and the police officer said their Adam Ababwa-line was shit. Dwayne reversed up next to the cop car and said that they didn't know the lines with the music track. They spoke a little bit before Dwayne drove off, creating a police chase. Throughout the chase Adam kept Dwayne up to speed about where the police cars were. Remy was hiding in the trunk. During the chase they ran over a biker and later several locals. Dwayne dodged and swerved several attempts from the officers. At the most they had five units on them. Remy got thrown out from the trunk when they were driving on the train tracks. They got closed in and Adam and Dwayne got out and tried to run away. When they were detained one of the police officers said that they thought they had a hostage in the trunk, but they laughed about it when they realised they were wrong. Adam and Dwayne were brought back to the police station. Turns out the police was originally responding to a "shots fired from vehicle" call and their car matched the description. They were charged with illegal possession of class 1 fire-arm, joyriding and reckless evading arrest. Adam managed to talk himself out of the joyriding charge. Adam got 24 months in jail while Dwayne got 30.
  • Arrested for selling oxy - Adam and Dwayne were selling oxy when the police arrived. They tried to drive away but the car flipped. Adam got out and ran, but were ultimately arrested on scene. Dwayne drove off and eventually hid in a bush, and het got away. Adam was taken to the police station. Turns out an officer had been watching them do the initial hand off and followed them there. In the car to the station the police officer told Adam this story and asked for Dwayne's name, which Adam didn't disclose. Adam was charged with drug sale, resisting arrest, and illegal possession of class 1 firearm. He talked himself out of a misdemeanour possession of drugs charge. He got a 3.3k fine, 88 months parole and 44 months in prison. In addition, he got a note on his file that if he got caught with a gun belonging to Ed Espinoza he would get raided.
  • Arrested while robbing houses - Adam and Moses were robbing houses when the police arrived. Moses got away while Adam tried to run away, but eventually got caught. In the police car Adam and the two officers and 1 trainee started bad-mouthing Adam who retaliated. At the police station, He talked himself out of a theft charge. He got charged with resisting arrest, criminal possession of a class 1 firearm, got a 900 dollar fine and 6 months in prison. He also managed to get cigarettes for his Lifer-friend Red.
  • Jewellery Heist - Initially this plan and this heist was planned for an earlier date (check the Mandem wiki) but it could not be done. Instead, Mando and Kitty joined Adam and Dwayne. The plan was to rob the jewellery store, drive up to the military base, lead the police through it and jump out and climb over a fence where dirt-bikes would be waiting for them. They robbed the store, drove there and got out. Unfortunately, Kitty jumped the wrong fence and climbed right into the police car and got arrested. The police popped the tires of Mando's bike but he managed to get into a bush in the swamp underneath the base. Adam hid in a bush as well. Dwayne kept waiting for others to drive and ended up ditching the bike before running up on the road where he ran into a cop car and got arrested. Mando and Adam waited in the bush for about 20 minutes before Kevin the Helicopter Taxi picked them up. With the thermite and Dwayne and Kitty's fines, Mando and Adam got 250$ each. In other words, it was not economically worth it.
  • Adam Goes Missing - Adam was seen in the city on June 25, 2021 and was then not seen again until November 1, 2021. On November 1, Tommy received an anonymous ping which lead him on a trail of clues. At the final clue, they ran into another man, who claimed that the treasure was his. They chased after him, eventually getting him out of his cars. At gunpoint, they told him to tell them the clue, which he said he would only do it they split the treasure 50/50. Tommy agreed to his terms, so the man told them the final clue. After he finished, Tommy shot him in the head and they drove off. The final clue told them to go to an island off of a big bridge, so they went to the largest bridge on Great Ocean Highway near Fort Zancudo/ North Chumash and started swimming across to the island with the house on it. When they got onto the island, they started to approach the house cautiously. As they got closer, they heard a confused and scared Adam, who claimed he had been taken away by Ukrainians. They talked to him, and after a while he recognised them and came back to the city with them, where they caught him up on what had happened while he had been gone.


  • Grand Theft Auto x1
  • Robbery x3
  • Possession of Band Notes and Small Band of Notes x2
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x2
  • Vandalism of Government Property x1
  • Sale of Drugs x2
  • Criminal possession of a firearm [class 1] x12
  • Criminal possession of a firearm [class 2] x1
  • Criminal use of Firearm x1
  • Resisting Arrest x8
  • Accomplice to 1st Degree Robbery x1
  • Accessory to Murder of a Government Worker x1
  • Gang Related Shooting x1


  • Tommy Tate - Tommy is another member of the Mandem and one of Adam's closest friends. Adam met Tommy when he was hanging with Dwayne Flores and Moses Khan. Tommy approached them asking if they could drive him to the fishing spot. They did, drove away and then turned around. Adam asked Tommy, who was new to town and was wearing green, if he was a part of the gang GSF. Adam then pulled a gun on him for fun. They ended up vibing to Dwayne's song Balenci. Adam and Tommy have since become good friends, and often hang out together along with the other members of the Mandem.
  • Moses Khan - Moses is another member of the Mandem. Adam and Moses' friendship resembles brothers and Adam usually calls him "No Money Moses". One second they are arguing, the next they are doing oxy together. They have a bond where jokes are nearly unlimited. Adam is often the one pulling the jokes. He one time pretended to be mad at Moses for not picking him up when he asked, "kidnapped him" and then proposed along with 1000. Unfortunately, Moses declined, but took the 1000.
  • Dwayne Flores - Dwayne is another member of the Mandem. Adam and Dwayne are friends and colleagues at Wu Chang, which Adams works at and Dwayne is signed to. Adam is very loyal to Dwayne, and would rather lose his job himself to keep Dwayne safe. He regards him as his boy and whenever there is a discussion or argument within the group, Adam usually links up with Dwayne to calm down. In that way, they are the most alike.
  • Remy Brown - Remy is one of Adams partners in crime and another member of the Mandem. The two are close in age and have similar interests, thus making them good friends. Adam and Remy tend to violate each other, but it is all in good spirit. They are different in the way that Remy likes to take things more slow than Adam, who usually is on full speed.
  • Eli Porter - Eli is another member of the Mandem. He is not around as much as the other guys as he does not have a good train ticket, but he is one of Adams closest friends. Adam always speaks highly of Eli, or Elz, and they always have lots of fun when they hang.
  • Lexi Law - Lexi is Adams boss at both the Gallery and Clucking Bell (although he hardly actually works). They are also good friends and Lexi is in many ways the girl version of Adam. She has the same humour and the same wit. Lexi is a business woman and Adam often asks her for money. She says she is no sugar mama but tend to lend him money regardless.
  • Mando Thompson - Adam and Mando started out as acquaintances before getting into beef when the Mandem and the Ballas hit at each other. The gangs squashed the beef and Mando and Adam became good friends. They have similar personalities and tend to bounce of each other. Mando is also sort of a "mentor" for the Mandem at the moment, showing them how to do stuff and giving them opportunities, hoping they will become strong allies of the Ballas.
  • Stacey Doyle - Stacey is one of Adams friends. They have a complex relationship where one day it can be all good and the next day they don't talk at all. The boys joke that Adam is down bad for Stacey, but she is only interested in Cop Cars and calls him his son.
  • Reginald Watson - Adam met Reginald while assisting Tommy with his taxi services. Reginald soon became known as Reggie after Adam and the Mandem enjoyed spending time with him. He has since grown to be a highly trusted associate of the Mandem, and he and Adam have always had a very good relationship. Reggie was very new to the city when Adam met him and his voice was incredibly loud. This has become a regular inside joke between Adam, Reggie and other members of the Mandem. Adam is keen to keep Reggie's criminal record clean so that he can act as a legal cover for the Mandem's criminal activity.
  • General - Adam Ababwa has many friends. He is outgoing and witty and makes friends in no time. He knows how to play his cards right, and that often goes in favour of himself. Especially when he is with Moses and Tommy.

Other friends and aquaintances:

Former friends/faded relationships:
Cardi Beach - Cardi and Adam have a complex friendship. When they met, Adam initially tried to get Cardi and Tommy together thinking they were long-time friends when in reality they had only known each other for about a day. Then they spent a night together doing Taxi-work as Cardi is a taxi-driver for Abduls Taxis. Now, they argue and banter like siblings. Adam likes to wind people up and Cardi gets easily annoyed. They almost had a fallout when Adam and the guys asked her fishing and then left her in the middle of nowhere. They had a long talk on the phone and explained everything and then they became friends again. They then had a falling out again when Cardi called the Mandem for help with someone who had been putting her in the hospital. Turns out she snitched on a member of the Ballas, and the Mandem didn't want to get involved to avoid a gang war. They had a big discussion with her and Cardi said she was done with Adam (and Remy) after this. They are all good now, but Cardi has recently moved to the Bahamas.

Noteable Quotes/Frequent Phrases

  • "Say less fam"
  • "On a big man ting"
  • "Diyahhhh"
  • "Roight, roight"
  • "That's myyyy guy"
  • "I'm getting blammed fam!"
  • "Wah wah wah waaaaah" (his style of laughing)
  • "Im on SMOKE today"
  • (to a police car right after being released) "Excuse me, do you know where a vehicle is that I can steal real quick?"
  • "Amon Gus"
  • "Yeah, yeah"
  • "Waholly/Wallahi"
  • Remy said "You are a pussy". Adam replied "Well you are what you eat".
  • "Personally, I wouldn't have that" to just about any violation ever.