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Achmeena Steele is a character role-played by hobbittrash.


Achmeena Steele is the long-lost wife of Jordan Steele. She was left behind in the Middle East after Jordan returned to America.  

While she is very obedient to her husband, she is more than willing to stab police officers or as she calls them 'pigs'. 

Coming to America

Achmeena arrived in Los Santos on a mission from her father to locate her husband Jordan. She found him serving time in prison, which he claimed to her was because he had 'burned a flag’ (Who's to say which one).

Achmeena informed him that her father "The Commander" wanted to know his status and that they had acquired many photographs showing Jordan to have joined the police force or what she calls the 'weewoo'. 

She explained that her father was unhappy and believed Jordan to be a traitor that had gone rogue. Achmeena told him that her father was now regretting arranging their marriage and giving her to Jordan as a gift. 

Jordan told her that he was undercover and had only joined the police force to get information. Achmeena insisted that her father did not believe Jordan as he was known to be a master of lies. She informed him that her father had teamed up with the Yakuza and that they suspected him of stealing a large amount of opium from them before fleeing to America.  

Achmeena threatened that if Jordan did not fulfil his obligations and prove his loyalty she would be forced to remove his head from his body.

She is currently staying in Los Santos to observe Jordan and report back information to her father. 

Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot

On her third day in the city, Jordan gave Achmeena a job working at his parking lot. He explained to her that the lot was a cover for all the illegal activities he was doing. The parking lot was there to help fund the cause and to sell guns to ‘likeminded' people.

Jordan put Achmeena in charge of the lot while he and some of his other employees focused on terrorising people at the garage that was their biggest competition - Garage T.

Achmeena spends most of her time cleaning the lot and trying to cut off the hands of people who refuse to pay the parking fees.


  • Achmeena's marriage to Jordan was arranged by her father.
  • She normally wears a hijab, but she can remove it since she is in America.
  • Her father considers her the best daughter out of the seven daughters he has.
  • Believes that Jordan should have more wives and that if he did he would get more respect.
  • Achmeena's 8 year old brother was killed by Jordan so his body could be used to transport heroin.
  • Often refers to Jordan as just 'Husband' rather than use his American name.
  • Tries cut off the hand of anyone who refuses to pay the parking fee at the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot.
  • When her husband Jordan was put in the ICU after being bashed in the head with a flashlight in a jail holding cell by an officer, Dr. Serge Cross was afraid to inform Achmeena incase she blew him up.
  • Asks permission from Jordan before she eats or drinks anything.
  • She is still learning English so Jordan is able to get more of his lies past her than any of his previous wives.
  • Said that her soul was tarnished and sentenced to burn in hell for all eternity after officer Domenic Toretti, frisked her when he could not get a female officer on scene to do so for him at her request.
  • Believes that Jordan's previous wives, Kayden Dell'Anno and Jean Steele are cousins of Wells Fargo, the multinational financial services company.
  • Believes that Jordan would never kill her because he told her that she is the love of his life.
  • Doesn't want to be hit by Jordan, but would understand if he needed to do so.


  • "It me whole time!"


Played By: Hobbittrash
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