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Ace Carter is a character role-played by JJFried.

General Information

Ace can often be identified by his purple bowl cut hair or the skeleton tattoo that possesses his face- these features being apart of his signature look. He can mostly be seen around Little Seoul or partaking in street racing, his racing skills making him a highlight in the racing scenes.

Ace was previously a member of Bowl Cut Gang prior to its disfunction, like most of BCG he was absorbed into Street Team and was seen as STA for 8 months but during July 2022, he decided to step down from STA and remain gang-less. It wasn't until August 7th, 2022 that Flippy invited him to become a Hydra Hang Around to which he accepted.

Due to Ace being a previous member of BCG, Mari Posa is his adoptive mother as she took to adopting all BCG members during early 2022. This means that Ace often refers to Jaylen Carter, Mari's love interest, as "step dad" and sees the two as his parents.



Played By: JJFried
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