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Abigail Hemlock is a character role-played by stitchybird. Upon marrying Damien Sharp, she adopted the surname Sharp.


Abigail "Abi" Hemlock was born May 6th 1995 in Detroit MI where she was raised.

In Detroit Abi was a hangaround for the Guilty Galz RC, a law abiding all-girl motorcycle club. The club loved Abi and she loved the club, but they did not like her tendency to get in trouble with the law. Abi was a petty criminal and untreated kleptomaniac, often lifting small things from stores whenever she felt like she could get away with it, even stealing cars and other vehicles for recycling. Abi also dabbled in a bit of drug pushing, primarily marijuana and crack. Other than the occasional joint, Abi does not consider herself a druggie or interested in partaking of hard drugs.

In June 2020 Abi decided she wanted to move to Los Santos in search of better opportunities and to escape her misdeeds in Detroit, what those misdeeds were is a mystery to everyone.

Relationships and sexuality

Abigail considers herself bi-sexual, as she would put it "an even 50-50".

Abi is a flirt, and not afraid to chat up anyone she finds attractive.

Recently she started dating Damien Sharp after he was a repeat hostage Abi took for several stores. Abi continuously flirted with him and even gave him her phone number after letting him go after a store robbery, they kept up with each other via text and eventually met up. After talking together and learning about each other, Abi learned that Damien was being stalked and had people after him, she vowed to protect him as much as she could, and even bought him a fully paid off Hexer and started teaching him about Motorcycle Clubs.

On September 17th Damien proposed to Abigail, she said yes!


Abi has already made several friends around the city from different groups/gangs/etc. however she had not yet affiliated with any specific group until she met Ash Huddy Hudson, president of the Lunatix MC.

While she had known about the existence of the Lunatix MC by meeting several members throughout her time in Los Santos, including working with Dakota Black and Logan Turner, she had not yet decided to affiliate. After meeting Ash Huddy Hudson in the parking lot by Dollar Pills one night, they discussed bikes (Abi was riding her Hexer) and the finer details of delicious coffee, Ash decided to give Abi a test, having her move specific items from one part of the city to their territory at Tequi-la-la. Abi passed the test and Ash decided to give her more tests by taking her along for several jobs. She also had the opportunity to meet the other members of the MC.

Abi was made officially a hangaround on July 10th.

After 2 months of hard work, Abigail was put through a test to become prospect. She was kidnapped and brought to the mineshaft where they had several people there, including someone dressed up as Damien (her boyfriend). They tested her loyalty by trying to force her to get on her knees to save Damien's life. Abi knew that getting on her knees was against club rules and refused each time, stating that Damien knew what he was getting into and she would not break a club rule for him. The final test was for her to call Ash (the president) over to her, she refused not wanting to put his life in danger. She was beaten to a pulp and downed, Ash and Assad came out and unmasked and welcomed Abigail to the club as a prospect.

Another 2 months of hard work and dedication passes by and on November 9th 2020 Abigail Hemlock is fully patched in. Not only that, the president appoints her as a "trial" Road Captain, giving her a chance to prove her worthy of the role.


Between November and December 2020 Abigail was getting more and more distanced from the club, with the inactivity of the VP/Interim President Assad Hussain and the realization that a lot of the core values of the club didn't quite fit her personality (IE: outright killing members for various reasons, having to shoot her own fiancé Damien Sharp during a test, other various reasons) Abigail spoke with the 2 closest members of the club to her, Damien Sharp and Sebastian Santana Velez about her thoughts. All 3 agreed it would be best for them to slowly distance themselves from the club and eventually put down their patches.

They secretly met with 2 other ex-Lunatix members, Dakota Black and Tokyo Blue, and discussed their departure. The 5 of them decided it would be best for everyone to move on from anything relating to the club and stay together as a new crew. They've decided to create their own MC with Dakota Black as the president, as for the name and other details that will be decided on soon.

On December 19th 2020 Abigail and Sebastian Santana Velez finally met with Assad Hussain, caught him up on the recent happenings within the club. Later on that day Assad and 2 other members from other Lunatix chapters, Big Al and Dave, brought Abi and Seb together to discuss their performance. The 3 berated Abi and Seb for failing several tests performed on them earlier that day and took their patch. They told the both of them that they could earn their patch back but only through hard work and proving themselves, however the 2 of them took the opportunity to take an out and said they did not want to be back in with the club.

Abigail and Sebastian were both gunned down by Assad, Dave and Big Al. Their patches will never be returned to them, they are officially removed from the club.

Fun facts

  • She's a kleptomaniac, stealing whenever she can and whatever she can, regardless of value. She will often be seen holding up locals for their pocket change and even searching garbage bins for anything shiny.
  • She loves taking hostages and playing with them, taunting them, teasing them, and making them "uncomfortable".
  • Her long term goal is to find an old, beat up house and work on it to slowly restore it, calling it her own.
  • Loves bagels, coffee, and tea.
  • Doesn't discriminate when making friends OR enemies.