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Abigail Sharp is a character role-played by stitchybird.


Abigail "Abi" Sharp was born May 6th 1995 in Detroit MI where she was raised.

In Detroit Abi was a hangaround for the Guilty Galz RC, a law abiding all-girl motorcycle club. The club loved Abi and she loved the club, but they did not like her tendency to get in trouble with the law. Abi was a petty criminal and untreated kleptomaniac, often lifting small things from stores whenever she felt like she could get away with it, even stealing cars and other vehicles for recycling. Abi also dabbled in a bit of drug pushing, primarily marijuana and crack. Other than the occasional joint, Abi does not consider herself a druggie or interested in partaking of hard drugs.

In June 2020 Abi decided she wanted to move to Los Santos in search of better opportunities and to escape her misdeeds in Detroit, what those misdeeds were is a mystery to everyone.

Relationships and sexuality

Abigail considers herself bi-sexual, as she would put it "an even 50-50".

Abi is a flirt, and not afraid to chat up anyone she finds attractive.

Recently she started dating Damien Sharp after he was a repeat hostage Abi took for several stores. Abi continuously flirted with him and even gave him her phone number after letting him go after a store robbery, they kept up with each other via text and eventually met up. After talking together and learning about each other, Abi learned that Damien was being stalked and had people after him, she vowed to protect him as much as she could, and even bought him a fully paid off Hexer and started teaching him about Motorcycle Clubs.

Damien proposed to Abi on September 17th 2020 and Abi said yes!

Damien Sharp and Abigail Hemlock were officially married on the steps of MRPD on December 28th 2020.


Abi is a part of the Sinister Souls MC as a founding member / patched member.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Strong willed and fierce - she is very headstrong, will get what she wants no matter what she has to do.
  • Loyal - sometimes TOO loyal, will put her life on the line for her family and friends
  • Resourceful - can find just about anything anywhere, and if she can't find it she'll make due with something similar.
  • Great networker - keeps in contact with people around the city and makes friends pretty easily.


  • Kleptomaniac - knowingly and unknowingly will steal random things, often stuff of no value/garbage. Abi has learned over time that she can control it, but never stop it. If she does not control her tic by consciously stealing things then her unconscious self will take over and can and has gotten her into deep trouble; she's stolen from family, friends, and often times right in front of them, unless she keeps it in check.
  • Trash panda - Going along with her klepto, she also is an avid dumpster-diver, trash is her treasure and this is often highly frowned upon by her friends.
  • Flirtatious - she may be loyal but she is a flirt and this can/will get her in trouble.
  • Absent minded - sometimes has issues focusing at any specific task and her mind will wander often.
  • Slow to respond - she may not respond as quickly as others when something happens around her, ie; gunfire, explosions, etc.

Other fun facts:

  • Loves coffee and tea
  • Breakfast is her favorite meal, bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, all of it.
  • Her laughter is contagious, going from sounding like a hyena to a Windex bottle to a tea kettle depending on how hard she's laughing.

Played By: stitchybird
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