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Aaron Melarky is a character role-played by adzno.

Aaron Melarky grew up with his Uncle and Cousin, Tommy Melarky in Ohio City, Ohio. Aaron fled from his family after being kicked out for multiple instances of breaking the law by his Uncle, and went to Los Santos.

Aaron attempted to make a name for himself in the Street Racing Scene in Los Santos, only to be matched against the best of the best and was not equipped with the skill to earn a profit from it. He became entangled with the Mob, in getting loans from them. When he couldn't pay back what he had borrowed, he faked his death to hide. Tommy Melarky moved to Los Santos around a week prior, and since believes that he is still deceased.

The latest sighting of Aaron was a Twatter Post on August 12th, 2022 stating "Can't catch a dead man on the run."

Played By: adzno
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