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Aaron James is a character role-played by uhluvi.



Aaron James, a humble guy from the Midwest, grew up on a farm, although he never farmed or had livestock, it was more of an escape for his parents, not knowing at the time his parents were filthy people, especially his stepdad. Aaron was sent through the wringer as a child, always being out down by his stepfather, he always felt bad when his brother would get in trouble and did anything he could to put himself in their shoes, taking the blame for shit he didn’t do. He would much rather get beat or punished than see his brothers get punished, this led to Aaron being very empathetic when he didn’t even realize it. Aaron started slowly with friends because the only person he really had communication with was his abusive stepfather.

Aaron was nice to as many people as he could because he enjoyed seeing a smile on other people’s faces even when he couldn’t hold one himself. After a rough divorce Aaron decided he wanted to put his past behind him, but at a price, although nice, bright, and outgoing on the outside the inside Aaron became somewhat of a self-claimed genius. He began to be able to remember sequences of numbers very easily, starting with his father's credit card, making small purchases that would go unnoticed, and his stepfather just paying the bills as such. He began to build a report for himself being known in school as the thinker and the innovative one, creating avenues with people and making connections with people that he never thought he would meet, he began to develop software that would generate random number combinations to be able to unlock people’s lockers with a small pocket clip and he would ransack their lockers, eventually moving onto his stepfathers safe. After collecting more than he could bargain for, and just getting out of a full-ride “nonscholarship” degree at the local college his stepfather began to catch on, but Aaron didn’t know. Aaron began to pay for gas, food, clothes getting out of control where it was swipe, accept and move on to the next buy.

Eventually, Aaron got home one day to see a bank statement on the kitchen table, with a note saying “ we need to talk” from his stepfather. Aaron panicked grabbing everything of value as he knew he would need it, jumped in his car, and headed for the furthest point from home, he began thinking how he could escape, thinking fake names, fake places, and fake dreams, he thought where better than California. Knowing it would be a long drive and the limited time he decided to use the card one more time, choosing to pay inside the 24/7 for gas, however when he tried to pay, the card was frozen, he dipped to the car busting ass to the closest highway.

Aaron decided to do this until he got all the way to California, not knowing a damn thing about the area he attempted to find a low key town, finding an advertisement for “One-way plane ticket to the beautiful place of Los Santos” knowing this was it, he sold his belongings at a local pawn shop and booked a flight, catching it just in time to board. Aaron is on his way to Los Santos, heart beating out the chest, running away from home and fraud, he plans to use his skills in coding and decoding as well as playing the social card to stay ahead of his peers. Knowing when to bounce and knowing when to stay put, he has the goal of being self-sustaining through his skills and try live as much under the radar as possible.

Played By: uhluvi
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