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Aaron "Double-A" Alexander is a character role-played by aaron_rp.


Aaron Alexander was a founder & OG member of the Brouge Street Kingz. He and Bobby Schmiguel left BSK together after feeling dissatisfied with southside experience. After seperate talks with Dexx Martin and Summer Mersion he has decided to give the Gang life one more try and is now a member of The Families.


Cover Title Release Date Description
Double A - Grinders Anthem Cover.jpg
GRINDERS ANTHEM June 12th 2021
Im N Luv W a THOT.jpg
Im N Luv W a THOT June 12th 2021
Double-A - Los Santos Summer.jpg
Los Santos Summer August 2nd 2021



  • Him and OG Donovan King were the cultivators of God's Green Crack. A Strain of weed that has the reputation of being the best in the city.
Played By: aaron_rp
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