AJ Hunter is a character role-played by RatedEpicz.

General Description Edit

AJ Hunter is a Senior Officer with the LSPD, Badge #407.  

He desires to be a Trooper for the SASP. Carries the LSPD on his back, with an AR in hand.  

Fun Facts Edit

  • He has outstanding driving and shooting.
  • His name used to be AJ Bullet. His last name change happened for the new server.
  • Has over 10k arrests.  
  • One of the longest standing cops in the city, and has been part of the police force on both the old and new servers.
  • One of the scariest cops on the force.
  • AJ's K9 Partner is named Bullet.
  • Previously held the ranking of LSPD Sergeant prior to being temporarily fired.
  • Occasionally hunts together with his K9 Bullet in the woods of Sandy Shores.
  • Has his own Weazel News article Link

Deaths Edit

  • Shot and killed Curtis Davis III, former Leader of the East Side Ballaz, during a breach on the Los Santos City Bank.
  • Shot and killed Shady Grady following a convenient store robbery and car chase. After Shady Grady's car was disabled, he opened fire on the police vehicles with a Class 2 weapon. AJ returned fire, killing Shady.

Quotes Edit

  • "Lean mean fighting machine, SWAT Commander, and soon to be Trooper, Officer AJ Hunter."
  • "Soon to be Trooper, AJ Hunter..."
  • "Señor Officer, AJ Hunter..."
  • "Tsunami rushing Vultures."
  • "Her accent is so sexy..."

Clips Edit

Old Server Edit

  1. First clip ever created on Rated's channel.
  2. Randy explains bullets.
  3. Smashing cars.
  4. BOOM! Headshot.
  5. RatedHandy
  7. Taking an L.
  8. My neck, my back...
  9. AJ Bullet gets a quick BJ!
  10. AJ Bullet Everyone!
  11. Final day of the old server, July 31st, 2018.

New Server Edit

  1. AJ Hunter makes out with Conan Clarkson's mom.
  2. Eugene's latest invention.
  3. "Her accent is so sexy..."
  4. AJ experiences Garry's driving skills.
  5. Clarkson and Steele sharing intimate stories on patrol.

Gallery Edit

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