A.J. Hunter is a character roleplayed by RatedEpicz.

 Description Edit

A.J. Hunter is an Officer with the LSPD. Badge #407.  

He desires to be a trooper. Carries the LSPD on his back with an AR in hand.  

Fun Facts Edit

  • He dreams of becoming a State Trooper (SASP) alongside of Kael Soze, Tony Andrews and recently added Jackie Snow.
  • A.J Hunter's name used to be A.J Bullet. His last name change happened for the new server.
  • He is almost at 10k arrests (9,999.4)
  • He is one of the scariest cops on the force
  • He has outstanding driving and shooting

Quotes Edit

- "Lean mean fighting machine, SWAT commander, Officer AJ Hunter"

-"Soon to be Trooper AJ Hunter..."

-"Fist me daddy"

Gallery Edit

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