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A Labor Union that organized by a group of workers who united to make decisions about conditions affecting the tow industry in Los Santos. The Labor Union strives to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to Los Santos.

How is the Union Represented?

The union is represented by Union Members with-in towing industry throughout the City of Los Santos

Benefits of Belonging to the Union

The main reasons to join the union are higher pay, better benefits and a voice on the job. As a union member, there is a collective voice regarding things such as: Pay and wages; Work hours, Benefits (including but not limited to: retirement plans, health insurance, vacation and sick leave, and tuition reimbursement); Workplace health and safety, and ways to balance work and family.

How do Unions Work?

Unions work like a democracy. They hold elections for officers who make decisions on behalf of members, giving workers more power on the job.