Background[edit | edit source]

🍇 Grape Gang 🍇 is a gang formed in the old server that Ming Jingtai was leader of. The gang was disbanded into the new server.

Members[edit | edit source]

  1. Ming Jingtai (OG) played by Ming
  2. Pablo Escoberry (OG) played by Zombie_Barricades
  3. Garrett "Gee" Famous (OG) played by GeeFamous92
  4. Vinny Vanish played by Julian
  5. Hilda Bulking played by Sunni
  6. Milo Wealth played by SAkiller
  7. Jose Martin Perez played by FortyOne
  8. Kenshin "Sushi" Himura played by KenshinRP

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Former 🍇Grape Gang🍇 Member Roster[edit | edit source]

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